Awesome Coffee Roasters


A surprisingly casual and cosy specialty cafe owned by a Korean coffee geek, this is a place where both serious ...

Wam Saigon Club - Citypassguide.com

Wam Saigon


Hosting regular music events and DJ performances from midweek thru the weekend, WAM Saigon in District 2 combines fantastic audiophile-level ...

A Coffee House cafe - Cafes - Citypassguide.com

A Coffee House


Owned by a Vietnamese artist-turned-coffee roaster who realised he wanted to dedicate his life to serving quality coffee, A Coffeehouse ...

Bam Bam Club - Citypassguide.com

Bam Bam


Love beach and holiday vibes but you’re too much of a nightlife party animal? Bam Bam has you in mind ...

Saigon Coffee Roastery Cafe = Cafes - Citypassguide.com

Saigon Coffee Roastery


Founded by barista trainer Phap Vo, Saigon Coffee Roastery is a boutique coffee offering high-quality coffee beans from around the ...

Lost & Found Bar - CityPassGuide.com

Lost & Found


Lost and Found is the result of bartender/ owner Tyler Kooy’s dream to own his very own speakeasy with a ...

My House - Citypassguide.com||||

My House


This French-owned ‘loft concept’ bar combines a night out with a night in! Located in a historical housing block in ...

Lush Club - Citypassguide.com



LUSH was named using the initials of its four founders; 4 Vietnamese who knew everything about Saigon’s everchanging music-propelled nightlife ...

Purple Jade Disco Club - Citypassguide.com

Purple Jade


Purple Jade is a fine choice for an exclusive social night out in Ho Chi Minh City. With impeccable service ...

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Yoko Cafe


Where Saigon’s live music scene is concerned, locals frequently mention Yoko Cafe as the first place music lovers should visit ...