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Last Call Rooftop


Featuring amazing speakeasy-style cocktails and a breezy ‘urban canopy’ rooftop venue right beside Saigon’s historical turtle lake, LastCall Rooftop Bar ...

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Temple Leaf Spa


Temple Leaf Spa is a well-known simple Saigonese spa. Utilizing fine aroma oils and artisanal massage essentials from both Vietnam ...

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Golden Lotus


Golden Lotus is a Korean ‘Jjim Jil Bang’ experience that provides the comforts of an authentic Korean-style therapeutic spa with ...

Le Spa des Artistes


Le Spa Des Artistes is no stranger to the limelight, having received the accolade of the Best Luxury Boutique Spa ...



L’Apothiquaire is an ancient luxury and expensive spa that is popular with many Western and Japanese ex-pats. Its Haute Couture ...

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Aveda Herbal


Aveda Herbal & Wellness is one of the few authentic Indian spas in Vietnam. Thanks to the effectiveness of ayurvedic ...

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ATM Cocktail Bar


Weird name? Not when you know that ATM Cocktail Bar’s entrance looks exactly like a bank machine. Once you step ...

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M Club


Located at the prestigious Hotel Majestic beside Saigon river, M Club offers blackjack, roulette, baccarat and slot machines within the ...

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Firkin Bar


Firkin is one for the connoisseurs. Located in central District 1, near the riverside, Firkin’s ability to consistently serve absolutely ...

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Monte Carlo Saigon Club


Like most other gaming centres in HCMC, Monte Carlo is open 24 hours a day and offers slots, roulette, baccarat ...