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Xu Restaurant Lounge


Noted as one of the institutions that helped propel the growth of Saigon as a nightlife hub in south-east Asia, ...

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Valley’s Coffee


Valley’s Coffee is a speciality cafe that focuses on Fine Robusta. All their coffee is grown in Bao Loc province, ...

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Blanchy’s Lounge


Blanchy’s is a premium club, cocktail bar and dining venue that is visited regularly by some of the most discerning ...

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Tractor Coffee


This is where independent roasting and custom espressos see new light in HCMC. In addition to Vietnamese blends, Tractor Coffee ...

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Khoai Ruin Bar


Khoai Ruin Bar located in Saigon’s up-and-coming nightlife area, Phạm Viết Chánh, (near Landmark 81), might be the only Budapest-style ...

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MAROU Chocolate


Vietnam’s first boutique chocolatier that uses only the finest local cacao beans. Indulge in hot chocolate or a cup of ...

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Layla is one of the most popular ‘first stop’ venues in the city. Popular with ‘after-workers’ enjoy happy hour wines, ...

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A favourite among foreigners in Saigon, Broman is an oft visited final venue to party until sunrise. Located on the ...

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The Gin House


The Gin House is dedicated, unsurprisingly, to gin. But they also offer, artisanal speakeasy-style cocktails, whiskies, gins, and a slew ...

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Sax n Art Jazz Club


A real jazz music venue that has been popular since the early 2000s, Sax N’ Art Jazz Club’s contemporary jazz ...