souvenirs IN SAIGON

The best souvenirs to buy in Ho Chi Minh City include traditional hats or dresses (ao dai), paintings, silk clothes, Vietnamese snacks, jewellery and fair-trade handicrafts.

Ho Chi Minh City (and Vietnam in general for that matter), is so full of fascinating sights, sounds, tastes and emotions that you’d be hard-pressed not to take a single souvenir back from your travel, to at least have something to remember your unique experiences by.

Luckily, the city is blooming with souvenirs you can carry back on the plane with you: authentic handmade gifts, traditional items, street market treasures, affordable art pieces and artisanal handicrafts made by skilled designers. There is no end what to take back - including coffees, teas and dried snacks to treat your friends and family back home. Items from ethnic minorities can be purchased in select places as well, and make for great souvenirs.

Head over to our Top 7 Souvenirs article to get a quick overview of popular items travelers like bringing back home. Coveted items include tailor-made clothing, silk cloth and silk embroidery painting, lacquer and sand paintings, artisanal products from shops like The House of Saigon and musical instruments.

Small knickknacks and generic souvenirs are readily available in busy areas like the backpacker district and Ben Thanh Market. Luxury goods and brand-name high-ticket items can be found in malls and specialized shops around Ho Chi Minh City. Jewelry makers are scattered throughout Saigon and offer an endless variety of rings, necklaces, earrings and other accessories at reasonable prices.

Gadgets and electronics are nothing special, and are priced as high (if not more) as in Western countries. You would be better off sticking to traditional items Vietnam is known for. Standard items such as shoes, sunglasses, shirts and bags can be bought at bargain rates, but quality is guaranteed. Check our tips on how to bargain in Ho Chi Minh City.

souvenirs IN SAIGON