Arirang-BBQ - Korean Restaurant -



Located in District 1 right beside Saigon’s brand new scenic Bach Dang river park that offers great views of the ...

Kyung Bok Gung - Korean Restaurant -

Kyung Bok Gung


One of the finest Korean restaurants in town, Kyung Bok Gung is conveniently located near the City’s famous Opera House. ...

Propaganda - Vietnamese Restaurant -

Propaganda Bistro


Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro is where spectacular Vietnamese classics meet modern flair. From creative spring rolls to banh mi sandwiches and ...

Dì Mai


Di Mai is a Vietnamese restaurant that provides tasty, homely, regional countryside cuisine in a chic environment, inspired by old ...

Anan Restaurant - Vietnamese Restaurant -



ANAN is an award-winning restaurant that strives to elevate Vietnamese cuisine to the next level. Chef Peter Franklin Cuong draws ...

Bún Chả Hà Nội 26 Vietmamese Restaurant - Street-food-

Bún Chả Hà Nội 26


Our editor’s pick for Obama’s ‘favourite’ Vietnamese dish. This Bun Cha joint is located in Saigon’s vibrant Japanese town. Come ...

Huế cakes in Bến Thành Market Vietnamese Restaurant - Street Food-

Huế cakes in Bến Thành Market


Near entrance 7 of Ben Thanh Market, this family has been selling plates of gourmet Hue-style rice cakes for generations. ...

Phở Phú Vương Vietnamese Restaurant- Street Food -

Phở Phú Vương


Clean and popular southern Vietnamese style Pho joint offering high-quality cuts of beef. Enjoy your rice noodle soup with heaps ...

Lantern and Decoration Market


Ho Chi Minh City’s Lantern Street is worth a visit. Head to Luong Nhu Hoc street in Cholon during the ...

Binh Tay Market


Binh Tay Market also known as Cho Lon, is in the heart of the Chinese district in Ho Chi Minh ...