What Accommodation Should Business Travellers Rent in San Francisco

Furnished flats have become famous for business visitors in San Francisco, a city renowned for its thriving business community and great opportunities. These flats provide several benefits tailored to the requirements of mobile workers, offering the perfect balance of comfort and utility, in great locations around the city.

What can you expect from a furnished apartment in San Francisco?

1. Homey environment

Furnished flats offer a homey ambiance that makes it easier for business travelers to make themselves at home. They often offer greater autonomy and privacy than hotel rooms since they have independent living and sleeping spaces. This may be especially useful for extended visits as it allows visitors to maintain a feeling of regularity and normalcy.

2. All the facilities you need

Fully furnished flats are logical, easy options  for business travelers, because they provide all the necessary conveniences for a pleasant stay. Carrying or buying household items or utensils is unnecessary because these flats are completely furnished.

3. A complete kitchen

Instead of eating out every day, business travelers can significantly reduce their expenses when they stay in furnished apartments, by cooking their own meals. Having a kitchen also allows you to satisfy particular dietary needs, without the stress of having to research restaurants that cater to your diet or ask staff for food tailored to your needs.

4. Savings on expenses

Leasing a furnished residence is often more affordable than lodging in a hotel, especially for prolonged stays. Hotel costs may be high, particularly in well-known locations like San Francisco. Furnished flats typically have reduced nightly prices and don’t charge extra for things like parking, Wi-Fi, or laundry services.

5. Local experience

Business visitors who stay in furnished apartments can explore San Francisco like a native. These rentals are frequently found in residential areas, allowing visitors to discover nearby eateries, stores, and activities, outside the tourist beat.

6. Additional features

Furnished apartments typically come with extra features like exercise rooms, swimming pools, common areas, and laundry rooms.

How do you find this kind of accommodation?

Aside from asking your network, the easiest way to book a furnished flat is through an online booking platform like Blueground. There are countless online platforms available that make the logistics of renting a furnished apartment in San Francisco nice and straight forward.

Simply book your stay through their site, pay online and turn up on the day. These sites tell you everything you need to know about the apartment you’re considering, from utilities and facilities to the flat’s location, rules and whether you can bring your pet.

  • Short-Term Rental Companies: Companies like Sonder, Zeus Living, and Blueground offer fully furnished apartments for short-term stays.

What will you be paying?

The exact price of a furnished apartment in San Francisco and in the Bay Area  will depend on various factors, including the location, size of the apartment, amenities offered, lease duration, and current market conditions. It’s worth spending some time on the sites above to figure out what works for your budget and requirements.

How long can you stay?

Furnished flats are a great option for business travelers who are required to stay in a city for a long time, or for an uncertain period of time. Travelers can rent flats on a weekly or monthly schedule thanks to flexible lease periods, so there’s no need to worry if you need to extend your stay.

Blueground Apartments

One of the major companies providing short-term apartment rentals in San Francisco is Blueground Apartments, the sponsor of this article. 

Blueground Apartments operates in almost all major urban locations. Although they list their prices mainly in USD, they may also give customers the choice to pay in other currencies. It is recommended to check their web page or get in touch with their customer support team to find out what currencies and payment methods they accept.

NOTE: Blueground Apartments can speak your language! The website and customer support are often available in various languages to accommodate a global clientele and on their official site, they frequently offer language selections that let you pick the language that suits your tastes.Check out Blueground’s website here and find your next favorite San Francisco home base.

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