Discovering the Dan Sinh market in Ho Chi Minh City

The Dan Sinh Market is also the first choice of metalworkers who want to buy spare parts for their work. The market, also known as Dan Sinh Area, is located in an area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters in the heart of District 1 with four surrounding streets: Nguyen Thai Binh, Yersin, Nguyen Cong Tru, and Ky Con streets.


The Dan Sinh Market in District 1, is the most famous second-hand market in Saigon


The forerunner of the Dan Sinh market is the busy residential area of ​​Kim Chung. In 1954, Kim Chung market changed its name to the Dan Sinh market.


Saigon residents often call the Dan Sinh market a peanut-cooking market because the market sells almost anything. As soon as you step into the market, you will have a strange feeling because of the mixed atmosphere of people, space, goods … all bring a bit of the direction of a “flea market”.


Sometimes guests come to the Dan Sinh market to sell clothes and food in the city without buying anything, they just look at the goods and enjoy the street atmosphere, but most of the visitors to the Dan Sinh market have the purpose of buying and selling specific items. Therefore, the market usually does not have many visitors and still retains a quiet corner of its own.


The goods here are also sold in the kiosks and the arrangement is somewhat neater and more orderly than the usual goods markets.




What kind of goods can you get at the Dan Sinh market?

The Dan Sinh market specializes in trading all kinds of products for production and consumption such as electronics, household appliances, warranty, and maintenance equipment, and auto-motorcycle parts: wipers, rearview mirrors, and horizontal braces; vehicle, license plate; electrical equipment; power hand tools; water pumps; forklifts, trolleys, lifting equipment, and other industrial equipment…


If you are looking to buy equipment for your camping trip, visit the Dan Sinh market. Want to collect war memorabilia such as hats and boots…? This is where you need to look. Goods in the market have many origins and many types. There are fake goods mixed with real goods, but their common feature is that they have to go through a rather roundabout journey from the supplier to the seller, before going to the market.


Because of the variety of goods, the sellers here are also very knowledgeable and look at people very well. Just by looking at the way customers view customers, they know that their “god” is a professional or a “fuzzy” customer so that they can set a price for their products.


For those who know about the item, the small merchants just give the price and wait, and for the “hands-on” customers, they constantly introduce the item until they sell a new one. The special thing about Dan Sinh market small traders is that they are willing to reveal to “God” what is real and what is fake so that customers do not choose the wrong product.


The market has lots of military equipment and more

One of the items in the market that cannot be found elsewhere is military equipment and war memorabilia such as mortar hats, boots, playing cards, and belts of American soldiers during the war… The items displayed outside the stalls are all “floating” goods, but if customers like unique products, employees will come to the warehouse to take them out.


In addition to the household appliances are genuine Philips, Sharps … the rest of the goods here usually do not have a warranty. But if the item you bought is damaged, you just need to take it to the same kiosk you bought it to exchange it for a new one, the seller just needs to take a look to know if it’s yours or not.




What is the average cost?

The prices at the market are also relatively comfortable, but it depends on whether you have experience in paying the price or not. The price of genuine electronic equipment is usually cheaper than at Nguyen Kim and Thien Hoa electronics centers about 100,000 – 150,000 VND, electronic equipment is usually only 2/3 of the price offered by the seller.


In particular, war memorabilia are listed as souvenirs, so they are the most expensive in the market. The price of a pair of American soldiers’ shoes is about 2,000,000 VND/pair, a mortar hat costs about 400,000 – 500,000 VND and a water billiard costs 500,000 VND/piece.


If you have time, spend a full day exploring the market, and you will realize this is not just a secondhand market. It partly reflects the life of the people of Saigon and is a treasure trove of antiques worth exploring.


To view the Da Sinh Market in Ho Chi Minh City from a historical perspective, see this video


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