Oceanami Villas & Beach Club

If you’re living in Ho Chi Minh City with its near-constant bustle, one can be so far removed from peace that it can be difficult to remember what relaxation feels like. The sensation of being responsible for nothing besides taking in an ocean view and experiencing the sweet feeling of sand between one’s toes can seem incredibly far away.


Thankfully, the serenity of a beach resort may not be so far away.

Oceanami Villas & Beach Club is a sprawling 22-hectare, 347-villa complex at the foot of a mountain on land flowing into a beach, located a short 90 minutes away from Saigon in Long Hai (a short drive from coastal city Vung Tau), making it perfect for a weekend away.


Ambience and Pool

This bucolic little microcosm of zen features abodes designed in a modern style with clean lines and strong, cool colours punctuated by a plethora of tropical plants living alongside the club’s many places to relax. Smart decorations abound in the complex, with pleasantly selected room accents like dreamy-seeming light fixtures over cosy wicker furniture, from which you’ll look out and take in the beach view.

Book one of the rooms for you and your company, or bring a group and take residence inside one of Oceanami’s six-room beachfront villas.


Water is Oceanami’s defining element, from the water accents in the villas themselves to the ocean bordered by a nearly white beach, to the 2,000-m2 pool. This extensive body of water welcomes swimmers as well as poolside loungers who are tended to by a staff of butlers, your intermediaries between chair and the food and drink from Son’s Bar. The pool is sectioned, so competitive and casual swimmers won’t accidentally bump into one another. A child’s swimming area is also available.

Oceanami’s little ocean of an outdoor pool is described as an “interactive” amenity. It regularly hosts pool parties and fashion shows.

A Spa to Put You at Ease

If you’re looking for something more low key, seek out SHO Spa at the center of the resort, which Oceanami describes as “literally the heart of the resort”. A group of 26 elegant hot and cold treatment rooms are the place to uncoil and rejuvenate. Treatments are sorted by how you’d like to feel during and after: peaceful, refreshed, vibrant or energised. Then, you choose whether you’d like a massage, facial or topical treatment, all given by professional therapists.


The spa is the resort’s heart in the fullest meaning of the word: the spa is in the middle of the resort and also shaped like a heart. The design of the space within the building draws heavily from the mountain and oceanside around it and features an interior design heavy in wood and stone, accented by water elements. No need to find your happy place here—you’ve already arrived.

All this relaxation is sure to work up an appetite, no?

Sumptuous Food and Drink

Oceanami is rich in places to drink and dine, like The Beach Club, a market-like dining destination serving seafood and imported meats cooked on wood-fired ovens and grills. The cooked food is prepared and served in one of a selection of homemade marinades. If you’re looking for something lighter, head to the sushi and oyster bar to see chefs prepare a fresh meal before your eyes, using premium wagyu beef and live lobster.

A more upscale dining experience is available to Oceanami’s residents at the Maison Long Hai, which has live cooking theatres where chefs prepare international cuisine alongside Asian entrees.

All this eating and relaxation is sure to work up a thirst, so head over to Oceanami’s two elevated bars, the Sangria Lounge and the Sky Bar.


The first is a club perched above the resort so visitors get a panoramic view as they enjoy their cocktail. The club offers a drinks made to order for those of age and an adjacent kids pool for those unable to partake. All ages are welcome inside the hedge maze next to the Sangria Lounge.

The Sky Bar is a little party sitting high above Long Hai. Watch the sunset, get an experiential enhancement from the in-house mixologists and watch the day turn into night as live musicians and DJs play away the dusk.


The Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, where the resort is located, regularly hosts special events like the yearly International Kite Festival in Vung Tau and Long Hai’s Dinh Co festival, a religious and cultural festival showcasing traditional customs, games and entertainments from the region.

Oceanami also staffs facilitators for corporate groups to play their way to togetherness, or if you just want someone to organise a beach sport contest for you and a group of friends.


The resort also has an event staff ready to plan and execute weddings and other events at the beachfront venue. Picturing an intimate beachfront mixer with friends or a sumptuous ballroom affair to mark a special occasion? Oceanami can accommodate these and many more events.

Come for the ocean, but leave with a lasting memory



3/F, 92G-92H Nguyen Huu Canh, Saigon Pearl, Binh Thanh Dist., HCMC

T: +84 28 22 61 8866 | F: +84 28 22 41 8866