Getting to Phu Quoc Island

The best option to get to Phu Quoc Island is definitely by plane. Flights from Ho Chi Minh City are short and you arrive rested and ready to explore the island. The cheaper alternative is taking a bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Ha Tien or Rach Gia and crossing the Gulf of Thailand with a fast boat.

Airlines from and to Phu Quoc Island

Airlines that offer flights to and from Phu Quoc International Airport, information gathered in 2015:

Domestic routes

Jetstar Pacific

Phu Quoc - Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam Airlines

Phu Quoc - Ho Chi Minh

Phu Quoc - Hanoi

Phu Quoc - Rach Gia

Phu Quoc - Can Tho


Phu Quoc - Ho Chi MInh

Phu Quoc - Rach Gia

Phu Quoc - Can Tho


Phu Quoc - Ho Chi Minh

Phu Quoc - Hanoi

International routes

Vietnam Airlines

Phu Quoc - Singapore

Phu Quoc - Siem Reap

For the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2015, new flight routes from China, South Korea, Bangkok and Kazakhstan are planned.

For domestic flights, please check in advance how many kilograms of luggage are included in your airfare and buy additional capacity in advance together with your ticket. Checking in extra luggage at the counter can get quite pricy and bureaucratic, and since VietJetAir for example only allows seven kilograms of luggage on domestic flights, you can easily exceed the limit.

Bus & Boat

The best option is to book the bus and boat tickets several days in advance at your trusted travel agency. Especially during summer holidays when Vietnamese families travel with their children, the ferry fills up pretty fast.

Superdong ferry connections

Phu Quoc - Ha Tien: Normal adult ticket price: VND 230,000

Phu Quoc - Rach Gia: Normal adult ticket price: VND 350,000

Please check current fares and departure times on the Superdong website, or visit their central office on Phu Quoc Island at 10 30/4 Street in Duong Dong.

Transfer buses from the Superdong office to the harbor cost VND 30,000 extra.

The major bus lines from Ho Chi MInh City to Rach Gia and Ha Tien are Kumho Samco and Futa. Normal buses and sleeping buses are available.

This journey to Phu Quoc Island is significantly cheaper than a flight, but it’s exhausting and takes a whole day. We would suggest to fly if your budget allows it.


Most hotels and resorts on Phu Quoc Island send a shuttle to the airport or harbor to pick you up. Make sure to send them your arrival time and clarify if they have transfer service.

Otherwise you have to pick a taxi. The silver colored airport taxis are named “Reasonable Price Taxi”. We picked a taxi of this company two times, and while one was okay, the other driver tampered with his taxi meter to increase the price by 50%.

There are Mai Linh taxis available as well, which are known to be more honest than most others.


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