Peppertree Restaurant - La Veranda Beach Resort Phu Quoc

Before the dining experience even begins at La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc’s The Peppertree restaurant, the atmosphere entices guests with its promise of excellence. From the vacation vibes created by the ocean breezes to the stunning views looking over the coastline as the colours of the sky deepen at sunset, a meal at The Peppertree will not be lacking in background beauty.

La Veranda Beach Resort Phu Quoc Peppertree restaurant

More than Just a Meal, The Peppertree Crafts Experiences

Set on the top floor of La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc’s historic, French colonial mansion, The Peppertree restaurant is inspired by a nostalgia for the past while remaining passionate about modern cuisine. The restaurant takes the already high F&B standards of any 5-star MGallery Heritage Collection hotel and pushes it even further to create a culinary journey that is as transcendent as the island surroundings.

La Veranda Beach Resort Phu Quoc Peppertree restaurant

Alexander Stones, The Peppertree’s Head Chef, crafts innovative Pacific Rim cuisine that highlights the best of local ingredients. Ingredients, that, in fact, often hail from La Veranda’s own organic vegetable and herb garden. Each morning the chef stops by the garden for some ingredients before traveling across the island to source the freshest products available.

Unlike many F&B venues located within the island’s numerous hotels and resorts, The Peppertree is more than simply a convenient place to dine that is close to all the island attractions. The Peppertree is a stand-alone destination for any island visitor or local looking for a memorable, fine dining meal in Phu Quoc.

La Veranda Beach Resort Phu Quoc Peppertree restaurant

East Meets West with Inventive Cuisine at The Peppertree

Innovative Pacific Rim cuisine prepared with the expertise and techniques of Europe’s finest culinary schools is showcased on the menu. The goal of each dish is to take the senses on a fragrant journey through the history of Phu Quoc. The Peppertree is known for merging exotic flavours with classic European recipes to truly tempt and surprise the palate. One example is The Peppertree’s creamy mushroom risotto, which is elevated with just enough Phu Quoc pepper spice to warm the mouth without the overwhelming kick that would come from using chilis.

La Veranda Beach Resort Phu Quoc Peppertree restaurant

Widely known as the best restaurant on the island and within the top 5 in all of Vietnam, The Peppertree is frequented by “foodies” from all over the world. The excellence of the cuisine at The Peppertree is part of what helped La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc rank #18 among the top 100 Resorts Worldwide.

Culinary Events at The Peppertree Make Phu Quoc a Foodie Paradise

The restaurant maintains its enviable status with creative culinary events such as the signature “Gourmet Xin Chao”. For this event, Chef Stones collaborated with Vietnam’s celebrity Iron Chefs, David Thai and Michael Bao Huynh, to create a series of 4-course tasting menus that are presented at The Peppertree every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evening.

La Veranda Beach Resort Phu Quoc Peppertree restaurant

Wednesday’s menu, conceived of by Chef Michael Bao Huynh, consists of a Phu Quoc Heritage tasting menu that is filled with the intense flavours and dynamic ingredients of Indochine with inspiration from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam at play.

Every Friday, Iron Chef David Thai’s creations are on the menu. A celebration of the incredible diversity of French-Vietnamese fusion, the tasting menu showcases recipes such as a creamy, lime-infused seafood bisque and other unique food pairings.

La Veranda Beach Resort Phu Quoc Peppertree restaurant

Saturdays see resident Chef Alexander Stone’s “Minuet in Green”. As the name suggests this tasting menu highlights the freshest produce sourced from La Veranda’s own organic garden used in intriguing international cuisine.

La Veranda Beach Resort Phu Quoc Peppertree restaurant

Culinary Magic Makes Memories on Phu Quoc Island

Each evening at La Veranda Phu Quoc’s The Peppertree restaurant a different story is told. From the soft glow on the candlelit tables that highlight the beauty of the handcrafted Vietnamese furnishings and historic artwork to the culinary temptations prepared by Vietnam’s top chefs, exotic marries perfectly with classic refinement.

When the food arrives magic ensues.

La Veranda Beach Resort Phu Quoc Peppertree restaurant


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