CView Sky Bar - Best Western Premier Sonasea Phu Quoc

As the crown jewel of Best Western Premier Sonasea Phu Quoc, CView Sky Bar sits high on top of the main building and offers vast panoramic sea views that cover the full length of the island, making it a perfect backdrop for romantic snapshots, holiday selfies, and majestic sunsets in Phu Quoc. This spectacular rooftop bar and restaurant is perched atop the main building’s western wings, aptly situated for the best golden colours that the island has to offer.

Best Western Premier Sonasea Phu Quoc

This stand-alone venue is open to guests and visitors alike and has a breathtaking view of a glistening ocean belonging to the Gulf of Thailand. Although CView Sky Bar is perfect for stunning landscape views along a seemingly infinite horizon, it also offers an impressive Spanish Tapas menu with an Asian twist.

CView Sky Bar’s Mouth-Watering Mediterranean-Asian Fusion Menu

Paired with a wide selection of refreshing drinks and spirits, CView Sky Bar’s menu features Mediterranean staples that include Lamb and Romesco Bocadillos, made with a freshly homemade rustic barra de pan (or baguette-style bread loaf) and filled with juicy chunks of marinated lamb, topped with a spicy tomato puree.

The tangy Lemon Fried Chorizo and the sizzling Garlic and Chorizo Prawns leave little to the imagination as they strike an amicable balance between citrus and salted flavours while the marinated mushroom and olive selections offer an appetizing richness of flavour. The fried calamari is accompanied by a lemon and garlic aioli, while marinated white anchovies, known as “Boquerones”, are part of the everyday fresh catch of Phu Quoc seafood afforded by the immediate proximity to fishing boats in this beautiful seaside resort.

Best Western Premier Sonasea Phu Quoc

CView Sky Bar’s skilled kitchen team is not taking any shortcuts with a generous menu that includes Smoked Duck Salad and Pork Skewers, which are sure to delight guests hoping to enjoy hearty fine dining options atop this epic rooftop.

Entrees options are generous, featuring a mouth-watering Wagyu Beef Sirloin Tartare, a succulent Lobster Tail with Garlic and Phu Quoc pepper, and a rich Wild Duck with Chilli immersed in a lemon-Sichuan pepper sauce. Servers and bartenders are well versed in pairing main courses with delicious drinks that include a selection of craft beer and wines, as well as select aperitifs and digestifs, to ensure you enjoy the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

Best Western Premier Sonasea Phu Quoc

Weekly themes at CView Sky Bar are matched with carefully curated music playlists that vary from jazzy tunes to international popular hits, old and new. Live entertainment varies from indie pop to soulful classic rock covers and accentuates the experience for cultured local residents and sophisticated travelers alike.

Glorious Cocktails With Stunning Phu Quoc Views at CView Sky Bar

Signature Cocktails, such as the CView Midori Magic, which blends top-shelf vodka, Cointreau, and melon flavored Midori, are ideal companions to lively conversation and a mesmerizing ocean view. For the high-spirited, there is the CView Angel’s Delight cocktail, which mixes vodka and Scotch whisky with passionfruit and lime juices, making for a potent drink that will delight a thirsty soul. Sharing cocktails, shooters and an assortment of crisp beers, complete CView Sky Bar’s distinctive menu in a gorgeous setting that also functions as an international crossroads for guests from all over the world.

Those who indulge in a long-stay with Best Western Premier Sonasea Phu Quoc will be invited to enjoy a “GM’s Cocktail”, in which the resort’s General Manager, Gregory Cosyn, will treat them to a complimentary cocktail while managers and key staff greet guests and listen to any feedback or concerns. “We relish the opportunity to listen to our guests”, says Cosyn, adding, “CView Sky Bar offers spectacular opportunities for our guests to connect with one another and this includes the opportunity to speak to staff and receive a “Thank You” gift for their extended stay.”

Best Western Premier Sonasea Phu Quoc

More than a rooftop bar, BWP Sonasea Phu Quoc’s CView Sky Bar invites you to relish in the grandeur of the sea, the vastness of the sky, and an inspiring horizon while basking in the soothing hues of the afternoon sun or the breeze of a delightful oceanside evening. CView SKy Bar offers the best place for networking events, parties, and romantic moments with a loved one in Phu Quoc. Come for the view and stay for the delectable drinks and outstanding food at CView Sky Bar - aiming to provide the best rooftop bar in Phu Quoc.


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