Sao Beach on Phu Quoc Island

Sao Beach is located in the southeast Phu Quoc Island. The street to the beach is not much more than a dirt road, but easy enough to find and follow.

Most people reach Sao Beach by motorbike. Some distance north of Phu Quoc Prison, a side street that quickly turns into a dirt road leads to the famous beach.

Even if Long Beach is the one Vietnamese beach that made it into BBC’s top ten beaches of the world, it’s actually Sao Beach with its white sand and natural surroundings that qualifies as really stunning.

Sao Beach has a nice landscape with boulders and sand, partially cleared of trash.

Besides a beach bar under a roof made of palm leaves, you can also eat at an open restaurant. The beach restaurants around are slightly pricier than elsewhere due to their prominent location. We had  a lime soda, which was sweet but quite good for VND 32,000. I have seen nuoc mia, sugarcane juice for “only” VND 10,000.
Usually nuoc mia is VND 5,000 - 6,000.

Renting a jet ski costs VND 450,000 for 10 minutes. You can also ride one of these giant inflatable bananas that get pulled by a motor boat or try water skiing. 10 minutes on either costs VND 700,000 . Near the cape, you see anchoring fishing boats that produce beautiful silhouettes during sunrise.

If you walk along Sao Beach southwards, you get to an unguarded area of the beach that is more private, but the trash does not get cleared frequently here. Nonetheless, it’s worth the walk, especially if the noise of the jet skis and the evening disco is getting on your nerves.

Sao Beach is particularly popular among families, because the water at the shore is shallow. No sudden drops, no dangerous rocks. Just fine, white sand. It is said that the northern end of the seven kilometer beach is cleaner and more beautiful than the southern part.


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