Suoi Tien - Fairy Stream

Fairy Stream, or Suoi Tien in Vietnamese, is a small stream near the fishing village Ham Ninh that is hard to find, but worth a visit.

Fairy Stream is the most natural and beautiful of the trio of streams on Phu Quoc Island. The people who actually manage to find this hidden treasure seem to have a greater sense of environmental responsibility than others.

(Let’s keep it that way and help the locals preserve this gorgeous landmark nice and clean.)

The scenery of Suoi Tien, not to be confused with Suoi Tien Park in Ho Chi Minh City, the Fairy Spring of Phan Thiet or the Fairy Spring of Hoi An, is simply beautiful and picturesque. The creek finds its way through the reddish-brown rocks and boulders. Sometimes the water rushes over the stones, sometimes below. At certain places the small stream splits into several arms or flows into a pond, surrounded by interesting plants.

Phu Quoc’s Fairy Stream is an ideal location for a picnic, but we say it again: please don’t leave your rubbish behind, or it ends up like Da Ban Stream.

The best way to get to the Fairy Stream is to start out in the fishing village Ham Ninh and ask along your way while following the dirt roads north. If you get to the local station where you can park your motorbike, make it so and follow the path through the jungle. At one point you have the option between using a monkey bridge or a half-sunken log to cross a slow stream, which requires some balance, but is not dangerous.

At the section in the forest that mostly consists of white sand and thorny bushes, follow the black hose until you reach the stream. The locals seem to get fresh water from the well, so the hose is a splendid indicator of where to head.

The Fairy Stream of Phu Quoc Island is best visited during the rainy season when there is enough water to make it noisy and beautiful.
If your time and patience is limited, you might want to visit the Painting Stream instead, it’s easier to find and more comfortable to reach. Not as gorgeous, however.