Mango Bay Phu Quoc

The brainchild of two Englishmen and an Australian born in 2001, Mango Bay is an unpretentious eco-friendly resort set on 10 hectares of beachfront land. Blending the accommodations and resort into the environment is a priority at Mango Bay, and that’s why they have limited the resort to only 44 unique rooms and villas to create the feeling of a natural paradise. If you want to relax and mould yourself into the environment, there is no place better; stay here and you become part of it.

Mango Bay Resort veranda

Six types of accommodation are on offer at Mango Bay, ranging from the original veranda rooms, three varieties of bungalow, reef houses and villas. As with everything at Mango Bay, they want the experience to feel personal rather than someone on a package trip at an international resort. This is best displayed by the fact that each bungalow and living space has a unique feel, and repeat visitors will still have a completely new experience on each visit. A trendsetter in the industry, Mango Bay was the first resort in Vietnam to feature outdoor showers in its accommodations (but don’t worry, they’re still completely private!).

Mango Bay yoga

In the staff’s own words, ¨This is not 5-star service, this is Mango-Bay-style service – laidback and efficient¨. The resort achieves such high and personal levels of service by providing its employees with excellent benefits and perks for their families.

Mango Bay private villa

Gastronomy and sampling local delicacies form a part of any good holiday, and Mango Bay’s On the Rocks Restaurant certainly delivers in this department. Over the years it has gained a reputation and has become a popular haunt for non-resort guests and local residents. Vietnamese street food favourites, warming Thai curries and more international options all grace the menu along with a tapas menu served all day and our happy hour starting from 4 p.m. which provides the perfect accompaniment to the nightly performance of the Phu Quoc sunset.

Mango Bay voley

For those who enjoy a bit of action mixed in with a relaxing holiday, there is a plethora of activities on offer at Mango Bay and at its nearby partners. Snorkelling, paddle boarding, canoeing, yoga and tai chi are all available in-house and free of charge. Bicycle rental is also provided and it’s a relatively smooth road for the majority of the 10km ride into Duong Dong Village. Take a look for yourself and set up a trip, because staying Mango Bay is a unique and special experience.