Vinh Hy Bay and Binh Tien

With similar white sand stretches and magnificent rock faces to famous Ha Long Bay, Vinh Hy is one of the most beautiful yet largely unspoiled areas of Vietnam’s coastline. Protected by its proximity to the Nui Chua National Park, and a well-known eco-tourist location, Vinh Hy Bay is a beach lover’s haven. Visitors can expect clean, soft sands, striking rock formations, vibrant marine life and warm, gentle seas.

With its beautiful coral reefs, snorkeling and diving are popular activities at Vinh Hy Bay. Take a dip in the clear, gentle sea and watch as myriads of colorful fish flit around the white, crisp corals. Glass bottomed boats are also available, and are great for kids, as are cruises through the bay that take tourists to more distant reefs, rock formations and beaches for hours of swimming, snorkeling and relaxation beneath the bay’s magnificent mountain backdrop. The sea here is safe for swimming, and the beautiful scenery, colorful fish and fresh air make Vinh Hy Bay the ideal spot to take your family.

Vinh Hy Bay is a well-known fishing area, and a glimpse of the local fishing industry, the boats and the fishermen’s way of life will bring a whole extra dimension to your stay at the bay.

For the more adventurous explorer, many 30 minute and 1 hour boat voyages are offered. These take tourists to the un-touched, largely unseen beaches and islands that lie further off the coast.

Similar to Vinh Hy Bay, nearby Binh Tien Beach is clean and white, beneath towering mountains and beside a clear, blue sea. Visit Binh Tien and dig your toes into its soft sands, lie in the blue shade of a palm tree, or play in the tranquil turquoise of the South China Sea. You are welcome all year round, but for the clearest skies and most temperate conditions the best time to visit is between February and April.


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