A Foodaholic in Mui Ne: Part 4

By: Duong Tran Thi Thuy

Sukhothai, The Most Exotic Flavour for Vietnamese Taste

After the last German feast, I was quite worried about my body shape which was already not very fit. So I decided to go back to Asian food. We chose Sukhothai, a lovely Thai restaurant in the Sunsea Resort.

A good point about this restaurant is its interior design. Sukhothai has a pandanus roof, wide tables and chairs, a beach view and is right beside the pool. Sunsea Resort was also recently renovated so it looks clean and beautiful.

Normally, along the Phan Thiet-Mui Ne strip, the beach is often pretty narrow but the seaside at Sukhothai is quite wide – one of the reasons this resort is a gathering place for kite surfers.

There was a strong wind and a very blue sea, and I just chilled out inside the restaurant and watched young, tanned girls and guys with perfect bodies surf by with their colourful kites.

I strongly believe that lunch is the best time of day to have meal at Sukhothai, but my French companion recommended the evening: “It’s such a romantic view in the evening,” he said. He once led me one kilometre along the sand to dine at Sukhothai under shimmering candlelight and successfully conquered my heart.

Our two children shared a plate of claypot chicken rice (fried rice with a huge piece of chicken breast and various types of mushroom). They loved the food for its soft rice, buttery chicken and fat mushrooms. The kitchen staff seemed to be aware of the little guests, and served pretty quickly and gave bigger portions than normal. The pad thai was really big and tasted great.

The presentation of fried fish was beautiful with the sauce laid out in a cute heart. The kitchen also gave one brown rice bowl as a bonus. But this was still not enough for the big companion’s appetite. He was a bit jealous of his smaller companion’s pad thai.

My girlfriend and I chose the tom yam claypot with rice. It was not bad with such a spicy yet sour signature aroma, though my friend would have liked it to taste a bit more ‘special’. Our little friends ordered two bottles of LaVie water at 30.000 VND each, while the adults shared a bottle of rosé at 600.000 VND. One important thing to know is that if you bring wine to the restaurant, Sukhothai has a service charge of 300.000 VND per bottle – quite expensive.

The total cost for the meal for six people was 1.455.000 VND. The plates we ordered were quite classic with nice flavours overall but not outstanding. Well, we are all fans of Thai cuisine so it’s not easy to please our palate.

Our meal wasn’t as filling as at Ratinger Löwe, the German restaurant, but the service was top-notch with professional, friendly and passionate staff.

Sukhothai has excellent seating with elegant decorations and a stunning beach view. We will definitely come back soon.

Sukhothai. Sunsea resort, 50 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, km 12, Ham Tien Strip, Phan Thiet.

Telephone: (+84) 062 384 7700.

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