Friendly Leather Bags

The first dedicated bag shop in Hoi An, Friendly Leather Bags has a bag for everyone. Just like their other location Friendly Shop, Friendly Bags has a “No Like = No Pay” policy. The shop uses genuine leather for their bags with over 200 kinds and 50 different colours to choose from. Choose from their catalogues or use their inhouse computer to choose your bag. The shop can also customise the pockets and sizes. Turn around time is very quick with most bags completed in less than one day.



Find unique high quality custom designed clothing from LENSilk. Designed purely for women, LENSilk's designs are known locally for their minimalist concepts and are made for a western taste. All of the clothing is made from 100% pure silk and is produced and dyed by hand.


Metiseko - Organic Lifestyle

Bringing a Western sensibility to Asian design, Metiseko creates playful prints inspired by the Vietnamese way of life to collections for the home, kitchen and wardrobe. Every design tells a story without being overpowering, and won't seem out of place after you take it home.

All products are certified organic from growing through to manufacture, with each step of the process scrutinised for its environmental and social impact.

Metiseko's handmade quilts are a perfect blend of comfort and quality, and its 'eco chic' clothing exudes a simple yet sensual style.

Metiseko also has store in Hanoi.


Ginkgo T-Shirts Hoi An

Ginkgo now has four locations across the country. In addition to their Hoi An branch, they also have shops in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Nha Trang. They have been trading from their Ho Chi Minh City store since 2007, and as their designs caught on, they opened up other unique shops around the country. They source high quality materials from countries such as India, Thailand and Bangladesh. This is then brought into Vietnam where local craftspeople dye, cut, print, embroider and sew the clothing.

In addition to being vendors of highly fashionable items such as t-shirts for men and women, they have a very good record for ethical and fair trading. In fact they will not partner with any other company that does not share their views about such matters. The designs are quirky and catch the eye, from effective uses of the star from the Vietnamese flag to images of tangled telephone lines. For high quality, trendy clothing get along to Ginkgo’s Hoi An shop.


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