Shopping in Hoi An

By: Leo Huynh Trinh

Particular choices in The Ancient Town

While Hoi An is known for its UNESCO protected status, it is equally famous for its shopping. It’s easy to fill up your wardrobe by wandering in Hoi An’s Ancient Town and at first you will feel a bit overwhelmed by its bustling activity. There are shops every single corner in this little town that offer premade clothes, accessories, shoes, traditional silk scarves, bamboo products, and kitchenware.

A dress can cost from VND150,000 – 500,000 depending on the fabric as well as design. Furthermore, tailors in Hoi An will be very happy to help you choose material and design your custom made dress or suit. Turn around time is speedy and most can be made within 24 hours. For a silk scarf, you should pay from VND40,000 to 80,000.

Custom-made leather shoes is one of the highlights of Hoi An. No matter how big your feet are or how picky you are, there’s always something for you from sandals, boots, high heels, or flip flops. And you shouldn’t miss their well-made leather bags.

If you are keen on decorating or arranging tables or your kitchen, then Hoi An is absolutely a place for you. Sophisticated hand-made kitchenware products made of bamboo, or coconuts such as plate mats, wine holders, coconut bowls, or porcelain spoons are abundant. Looking for a gift for mom? A set of coconut-lacquered kitchenware makes an ideal present.

You will have no difficulty spotting lanterns along Hoi An’s Old Quarter, as every single house has at least two dangling in their front porch. Most are made of bamboo and they are also adorned in most of restaurants in Hoi An. I wonder whether lanterns are considered as one of their lucky symbols in this town or not.

If you are a fan of antiques, Hoi An also has lots to offer. A few shops provide animal statues and Buddhist statues with variety of materials from copper, wood, porcelain and marble. I was amazed when walking into a boat shop! Those boats are meticulously made by hand with diverse sizes as well as designs. The boats are made of wood and can be disassembled with ease; therefore, you can separate parts and put them in your luggage.

Always try to find the best price when you shop because you do not want to be ripped off. According to my experiences there, I always bargain down 50% off and stick with that price. You can almost always find similar items at other shops with better prices so it is unnecessary to linger at one place. Sellers in Hoi An are quite friendly whether you purchase anything from them or not. A few shops accept credit cards and most of them prefer cash, thus, you had better get some Dong when shopping here.

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