Family trip in Vietnam - episode 7: Project Runway in Hoi An

By: City Pass Guide

Kathleen Brown, her husband John and their two adopted children, Peter Quang and Claire Xuan, are touring around Vietnam during their Christmas holiday. Kathleen is a long-time television producer and /media consultant for humanitarian agencies and her husband, John, a professional photographer. Every couple of days, they will post a story along with photos on their travels and adventures.

Family trip in Vietnam - episode 7: Project Runway in Hoi An

RunwayA hugely popular cable television show in the United States, Project Runway features young, hopeful American fashion designers who face off weekly to earn the title of new fashion rising star designer.

The children and I enjoy watching the program when we need a break from studies and lessons.  Knowing we were returning to Hoi An where tailor shops are the thing to do -- I suggested that Claire, our 12 year-old anime artist, spend some time sketching out a dress she would like to see made.

We landed on a shop midway between our hotel shuttle off-loading point where are the "tourists" runwayare deposited and a higher end suggestion from our guide.

BeBe Fashions seemed like just the right clean, well-lit place with a reasonable traffic in customers and a courteous staff and tables where Claire could discuss her design ideas while viewing bolts and bolts of silks, linens and other fabrics from which to make her choice.

As Claire pulls out her sketches, Peter, our 7 year-old grumbles that he would like to design something as well. True to the competitive component in the hit cable television show, our youngest has now thrown down the gauntlet. Let the competition begin!

Claire, with the help of her customer service assistant, works up a lovely knee-length cotton dress which has a fun shoulder bearing cut out and material gathered in a collar at the neck.

She lands on a white cotton with black polka dots which she can wear to both evening and afternoon gatherings. A first fitting is scheduled for the next afternoon.

Across the shop Peter has craftily decided to engage in a bit of competitive espionage and knowing Claire's choice of a black and white ensemble -- takes the daring risk of one-upping his sibling with a exquisite black tee shirt with a white hand-painted design on the front. It's a kind of reverse design with a bit of snark thrown on top!

Peter's tee shirt deserves a bit of multi-/media backstory. So there's a tidal wave of a hit music video on YouTube called "What Does the Fox Say?" which then Kidspawned an Annoying Orange copycat video, "What Does the Sock Say?" As you can see-- Peter's tee shirt is an edgy riff on the Annoying Orange send up of the Fox Say music video.

We, parents, cannot determine a winner here.  These are both wonderful designs, well-executed by BeBe Fashions and our dear children. Everyone wins in the Hoi An edition of Project Runway Vietnam. Wouldn't you agree?

Writer: Kathleen Brown

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