There is nothing quite like the allure of a great Asian city and Ho Chi Minh City is a truly exceptional one. One of the big attractions of course is the standard of culinary treats that await. When arriving in a new city for the first time, it is normal to track down the local food and see what it is all about. As good as the local food may be, it sometimes doesn’t quite hit the spot and for Western tourists and expats in particular, the search for something a little closer to home takes over. Western dining opportunities in Saigon are abundant.

Western cuisine here covers just about everything imaginable. Pizza is hugely popular among the locals and that has resulted in both true Italian style pizzas and their American cousins arriving in large numbers. Burgers again are also very popular, everything from Loteria’s cheap fast equivalent of a Big Mac to superb gourmet patties are available right across town.

Further up the culinary scale, we have just about every Western food imaginable: Mexican, German, French, Italian, American, Spanish and Lord knows even good old British Fish and Chips. The Vietnamese people are extremely accepting of other cultures. They are keen to try food from other countries and some of the best chefs in the West are more than ready to supply it. We have an abundance of extremely high class foreign chefs living and working in Ho Chi Minh City.

An ever increasingly popular feature of the city’s social scene are the roof top bars and restaurants providing classy food and drinks to a discerning clientele. Chill Skybar, 600 feet above the Saigon streets is such a restaurant. Their highly skilled kitchen crew serve Western dishes with an Asian twist to customers who get to eat fine food, high in the sky, whilst taking in the remarkable views.

If excellent steak is your thing then look no further than the New York Steakhouse in District 1. Exceptional cuts of meat either dry or wet aged, cooked as you like them and well presented. Also in this part of town The Log has earned a reputation for both its food and imaginative decor.

Whatever type of Western food you prefer, you can rest assured that you will find it in this modern Asian city.