tailors IN SAIGON

Though not as notorious as artistic Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City is a top option for everything tailor-made in Vietnam. With a plethora of shops offering unique designs, alterations, copies and more, tailoring in Ho Chi Minh is affordable and exciting.

Are you looking to create that perfect evening outfit? A copy of Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest H&M fave or your own unique design? Maybe you need a wedding dress! Or perhaps you’d like alterations for that definitely dated tux? Vietnam attracts tourists from all over the world looking to bring their ideas to life, and where better than in metropolitan hub Ho Chi Minh City.

The first step in any process of creation is to know what you want to have made. There are a variety of tailors across Saigon, many of which specialize in a certain type of garment, though the most popular requests are dresses, suits, leather jackets and ao dai.

Like those in Hoi An, craftsmen in Ho Chi Minh City will replicate an existing garment, or work with you on a new design of your choosing. But be sensible: if you take a flowered harem pant template to a shop specializing in formal ladies suits, it’s unlikely that you'll be walking out as a hippie.

Saigon’s tailors are also professionals at taking luxurious high-end fashion items and creating an equally beautiful copy, at a quarter of the price. Most tailors will take your waist, height and other measurements before they even consider price, so we advise wearing something light and thin when you visit your chosen shop to make this process more easy.

Cheap, midrange and luxury services are available with a variety of style preferences. As our blogger Frank has noted in his guide to Finding a Good Tailor in Ho Chi Minh City, once you know what you're after you can select the best tailor to make it.

But then there's the question of fabric. Where should you buy it? Given the abundance of color and excitement in any Ho Chi Minh City, perhaps the most interesting option is to buy your material from one of the city's numerous traditional markets. But make sure you know how much to buy first! Talk to your tailor about your measurements and how much material they will require.

tailors IN SAIGON