jewellery IN SAIGON

We lay out all the must-knows for where to buy beautiful, quality jewellery in Ho Chi Minh City. If you are looking for a unique diamond engagement ring, a semi-precious stone pendant, an affordable silver bracelet or simply a cheap souvenir to bring home, you will have plenty of shops to check out.

We’ve all seen the piles of sparkling plastic that fill the markets at Ben Thanh and Saigon Square, but Ho Chi Minh City offers a lot more in terms of jewellery than those bright feather earrings you bought for $1 US. A veritable city of dreams, Saigon is home to some of the finest and most reasonably-priced jewellers of South East Asia.

You only have to go outside to notice this. With its endless array of good deals, quality craftsmanship and commercial competition, spending is notoriously easy in this city and jewellery shopping in Saigon is no exception. Gold, considered as an investment for Vietnamese, is the most popular metal sold. You will also find several boutiques specializing in silver and locally cultured akoya pearls. Vietnamese precious stones include rubies, sapphires and topaz.

The question of where to buy jewellery in Saigon is really a matter of what you are looking for:

Quality and safety: Most of the recommended venues are located in District 1, near Dong Khoi Street for the most prestigious addresses. There you will find a number of international luxury chains as well as local designers boutiques. If you don't want to be scammed or tricked by a dishonest vendor, we recommend any of the shops in our listing below. Some may issue a certificate of authenticity to guarantee that the gorgeous wedding band you dream of is genuine.

Unique and handcrafted jewelry: Ho Chi Minh City offers a vast array of options for handmade craft and sophisticated one-off pieces for the stylish and elite. CAO Fine Jewellery’s custom works grace the necks of Saigon’s most willowy women, the classic feel of Therese Jewellery’s high quality creations add class to the softest of cashmere pant suits, while the glimmering designs and unique cuts of Duc Tien Jewellery are as beautiful as they are interesting. The latter is famous as a must know for jade jewellery in Ho Chi Minh City. The House of Saigon specializes in souvenirs and gifts with a creative collection of necklaces and accessories. Shopping with these high-end accessory craftsmen will guarantee a relaxing, unique experience every time. 

Bargains and deals: If you prefer the less certain game of privately owned gold dealerships there are a number of stores on Le Thanh Ton Street just behind Ben Thanh Market, and a few sparkling showrooms along the Le Loi strip. There is an undeniable appeal to buying gold from a man with crinkled eyes and perhaps more metal in his mouth than in his shop, but be careful here because what you buy may not necessarily be what you paid for. A Google background check on the reputation of the seller is always a good idea to make sure your travel to Vietnam does not end as a nightmare.


jewellery IN SAIGON