Sometimes it feels like Saigon has a specialised shopping district for everything. These different markets can be convenient when one is shopping for individual items, but when you’re trying to do something like design your apartment interior with high-quality furniture and decorations, all of the running around can practically feel like a scavenger hunt.

casa nha

Casanhà has the answers to all of your home-decorating needs in one multi-level interior design mecca. The modish showroom of casanhà provides everything you need to furnish and design your home’s dining and living spaces. More notably, the showroom space is set up in such a way that you are able to peruse its innovative, European-style furniture and decorations in a display reflecting a true apartment environment.

Casanhà is on a side street of the Hanoi Highway in Thao Dien. Its location is ideal because it provides enough space for its sizeable three-story showroom. When perusing the selection at casanhà, it becomes clear that the design of the furniture and decorations is sleeker and more modern than what you’d find at an average furniture shop in Ho Chi Minh City.

casa nha

The company specialises in what Jordan, the owner of casanhà, describes as “accessible design”. In talking to Jordan, it’s clear that one of his aspirations is to be able to provide unique designs and styles to a customer base that knows quality. In his words, “The idea is to bring very good European design to the Vietnamese market at a fair price.” Casanhà’s inventory is from 35 suppliers in seven countries, with much of its furniture coming from its own factory in Binh Duong.

Most of the furniture in casanhà is designed for and adaptable to apartment living with an extensive selection of furniture, chairs, sofas, home accessories, carpets and lighting. Most of the wide range of brands obtainable at casanhà originate from Europe. The shop makes a continuous effort to stay on top of recent trends in home furnishings by adding to and refreshing its inventory in order to stay trendy.

casa nha

In terms of pricing, casanhà also offers low, middle and luxury items, in order to attract a wider range of customers, and most of the items offered are export quality. The shop is primarily focused on dining and living spaces. Taking a stroll through the showroom and feeling the quality of the furniture, one notices right away the quality of the materials used in the construction of the furniture. Solid oak, walnut, and acacia assure that the furniture at casanhà is built to last.

casa nha

Jordan comes from a long line of furniture manufacturers and retailers. In fact, starting with his grandfather, his family has been in the furniture business for over 30 years. The family made a name for itself producing and selling furniture under the name casanhà, with its factory in Binh Duong. Changes in Ho Chi Minh City’s demographics have drawn the business closer to the heart of the ever-growing metropolis.

Casanhà offers a unique type of shopping experience, one in which you are given the time and space in a warm and friendly atmosphere to plan and imagine the decoration of your space. You can do so with the help of expert designers who not only come from a lineage with decades of experience, but also have their fingers on the pulse of current trends in home furnishing.



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