Needle Masters: Top Bespoke Tailors in HCMC

By: Emilio Piriz

Bespoke tailoring is the result of many centuries of commitment to the craft of sewing, stitching, cutting and imitating the human form in fabrics. Regardless of today’s technological advancements, modern-day bespoke tailors still use traditional techniques and are seen as skilled artisans who put their creativity to work on designs that differ on a customer-by-costumer basis.

It’s no secret that Vietnam hosts world-renowned tailors who could compete head-to-head with the finest needle masters in Savile Row. The skillful tailors of Hoi An are well-known throughout the world and they are one of the main reasons why Vietnamese from all parts of the country will encourage you to visit the city of a thousand lanterns.

However, Saigon residents and visitors will find many an outstanding needle master who can deliver sleek outfits that cater to various styles. We met with four of the best bespoke tailors in HCMC. They all serve foreign clients on a regular basis and speak good English to best serve your needs.

H&D Tailor

6 Pham Hong Thai, D1 | +84 8 3824 3517

With over 40 years of experience in tailoring, H&D Tailor serves a wide range of customers who prefer classic and traditional outfits over the latest trendy designs. Its proximity to New World Saigon Hotel ensures close familiarity with foreign clients and their need for Western cuts. Language will not be a problem since the staff speak fluent English and know that a rapid turnaround is a major advantage for business people visiting the city for only a few days.


H&D Tailor gets lots of repeat customers, which speaks louder than words. Plus its owner – a bespoke tailor himself – has a strong and long-lasting reputation in the tailoring business, giving him a competitive edge over other garment makers.

SIR Tailor

85 Nguyen Hue, D1| +84 9 0690 8585

Enjoying a prime location on one of the busiest streets in HCMC, this shop exudes finesse from the moment you set your foot in the door. In contrast with more traditional styles of couture, Sir Tailor offers fashionable and trendy suits with a distinctive Vietnamese touch for well-heeled Europeans, importing many high-end fabrics from Italy, France and Britain.


At Sir Tailor customers will also find bespoke shoes and a wide range of ready-to-wear polos and shirts – using fabrics from brands such as Zegna, Rochas and Lambton – that complete a true dress-to-impress look. Another great point? The workshop is upstairs, so Sir Tailor rarely outsources any parts of a given design to other tailors, guaranteeing that the work takes place in-house.

Kenn Smith

+84 9 0841 9879 |

Kenn Smith runs a one-man show that caters to foreigners who are looking for a detail-oriented tailor with a fine sense of style. Originally from Indianapolis, Smith comes from a family where tailoring runs deep, meaning that he understands every aspect of the business and is able to serve special arrangements for every client who seeks his service. He will go the extra mile for you, literally: his team of tailors often takes clients’ fittings at Tan Son Nhat Airport before they jump on a plane!


Smith has designed bespoke suits for taekwondo fighters who wanted sleek outfits flexible enough to handle front, back and even jumping kicks; despite the challenge, he delivered an outstanding suit that will never break apart. On top of that, as a true businessman Smith offers very competitive prices and relates well to businesspeople. He just gets it.

Nhut Tailor

232 Le Thanh Ton, D1 & 523 An Duong Vuong, D5 | +84 8 3822 5338

Last but not least, Nhut Tailor runs three branches in HCMC and enjoys a good reputation since the owner has been in the business for over 42 years. They carry some exclusive fabrics imported from Europe: Dormeuil (France), Vitale Barberis Canonico and Marzoni (both from Italy); besides these high-end materials, most of their customer base consists of Vietnamese who demand a full-canvas Asian fitting.


Nhut Tailor uses natural fabrics throughout the garment, giving strength and durability to their product which increases the lifespan of every piece of clothing. Plus, they pay close attention to the after-sales service, allowing customers to have their attires altered in case of weight changes or other bodily changes. The delivery wait might be too long for travellers or visitors, but if they manage to stick around a bit longer, they will get superb service at quite a reasonable price.

Top Bespoke Tailors in HCMC (Comparison Table)

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