Traditional Art

Saigon's artisans produce stunningly ornate work including lacquerware, woodblock prints, silk paintings, embroidery and Vietnamese calligraphy. In the past, calligraphers used Chinese characters but these days Roman script is used to write poetry, folk sayings or hopes for future good luck. The technique of making lacquerware was once veiled in mystery with families passing knowledge down through the generations. Vietnamese traditional art is widely available throughout HCMC.

During Chinese rule of Vietnam, Vietnamese artisans applied freshly learned Chinese techniques to art and ceramics in conjunction with the continued production of art based on native methods. French influence in art creation took hold by the 19th century in Vietnam, and had tremendous weight in the birth of modern Vietnamese art. Modern Vietnamese artists started to use French techniques with many traditional mediums including silk and lacquer. A unique blend of eastern and western elements was born. You can buy Vietnamese traditional art at many shops and galleries around Ho Chi Minh City.

Zen and the Art of Handcrafted Goods

As I pay my Grab bike driver and walk away, I almost miss my destination, Authentique, which seems to be a hole-in-the-wall shop with glazed ceramic bowls in the window and a translucent, floor-length drape fluttering in the doorway.

As I walk through the thin drape, suddenly I’m in a different world.

The street sounds of Le Thanh Ton are replaced by what seems to be the soundtrack to Amelie. Textile products – bags, cushion covers, wall hangings – line the walls and, while this shop is certainly different from other shopping experiences in Ho Chi Minh City (think: shop girls looking at their cellphones, and stacks of clothes, almost impossible to sort through, piled wherever you look), dare I say that Authentique seems... authentic?

Living the Zen Life

As Thao Ho, director of all three Authentique stores in HCMC (besides the flagship on Le Thanh Ton, you can find them in Takashimaya and Mac Thi Buoi), says as we walk through the three floors of the largely vertical store, cultivating the feeling of a different environment and, further, a different way of life was entirely intentional.

handcraftedImage source: Authenticque

“[Founder Doan Minh Phuong] wanted to have a house in Saigon, and she couldn’t find any good products. Products that made her feel at home. So she basically decided to make all the products that would make a home a home,” Thao says, pointing to a simple, elegant wall hanging portraying a single chrysanthemum.

This desire to create real, quality homeware products – a passion that began when Phuong moved back to Saigon from Germany in 1976 – led her to develop three separate workshops for woodworking, ceramics and textiles in Thu Duc District.

For 22 years, some 60 artisans employed by Authentique have been making handmade products, with a quality and durability that is rivalled only by their beauty.

Luxuriously Premium

With beautiful and high-quality goods, Authentique has carved a niche as the go-to place for tourists and expats to bring back their own piece of artisan Vietnam. However, this desire for premium goods has been a harder sell for the local Vietnamese market.

Thao admits, “I think about 80 percent of our customers are tourists. But we are increasing our Vietnamese customer base. It used to be solely tourists.”

While Thao is reticent to admit it, it seems the Zen, minimalist lifestyle promoted by Authentique has not been adopted with open hands by a culture currently embracing an increasingly materialistic lifestyle.

As foreign brands, fast fashion and the concept of “more for less” have become ingrained in Vietnam, Thao’s lifestyle of “just bringing home the most essential products to highlight the true beauty of Vietnam” seems at odds with the environment a few feet outside Authentique’s doors.

However, Thao is happy to report that, while the going is slow, the culture of “more” has been shifting, especially among her Vietnamese clientele.

Telling a Story

For Thao, the hardest part isn’t so much creating products that Vietnamese like – it’s more a question of convincing customers to come in the first place.

There’s no doubt that the products at Authentique are beautiful, ageless and durable. Oddly enough, this might just be the problem. When I ask Thao if she would consider Authentique a luxury brand, she hesitates, a bit uncomfortable. “For me, I wouldn’t say it’s luxury. It’s not luxury because we don’t overcharge our customers. [ our products aren’t cheap] because everything is made by hand.”

handcraftedImage source: Authenticque

With this assumption that “luxury” means “needlessly expensive”, penny-pinchers in Saigon might turn away from a quality item in preference for a cheaper, less durable version.

However, Thao holds fast about Authentique’s commitment to timeless craftsmanship. For her, it’s all about communicating the company’s message. “The hardest part of the business is just raising awareness,” she nods. “We’re bringing excellence at value to our customers, and we have to make them understand that.”

Introducing the Unique

A bit further down from Authentique’s Le Thanh Ton location is Catherine Denoual Maison Boutique (CDM) on Hai Ba Trung. Founded and run by Catherine Denoual, a Paris native who came to Ho Chi Minh City in 1995, Denoual has been running her premium linen brand in the city for 20 years.

Entering Catherine Denoual Maison Boutique is an experience – everything from the knowledge the employees have about the Egyptian cotton bedsheets to their legendarily comfortable pajamas and camisoles make an impact.

Even the packaging when you buy a CDM product gets special attention: unwrapping a bedsheet has the fanfare of Christmas Day as the customer unfolds layers of ribbons and silk tissue paper.

But like Authentique, Catherine Denoual Maison is quick to point out that it is not, in fact, a luxury brand. As Louise Doan Viet, CDM’s Business Developer, says, Denoual is taking steps to make sure that customers can enjoy what previously might have seemed unattainable:

handcraftedImage source: Catherine denoual

“We just launched a collection this March that’s 20 percent cheaper than all products we’ve sold before,” she tells me. “We changed our cotton sheets to a 400 thread count rather than our usual 500 thread count. It’s cheaper, and after three or four washes, it feels exactly the same.”

Finding the Premium Middle Ground

For Catherine Denoual Maison, this is the constant struggle – keeping the Vietnamese handcrafted quality and french design style that customers love while avoiding the dangerous pigeonhole of being deemed ‘too luxurious’.

While CDM enjoys a great network of B2B accounts (mostly hotels in Vietnam, Cambodia and America), it’s the B2C relationships that require the most work. For Louise, it’s all about making every customer feel special, whether through a bi-monthly newsletter (“We want to be present, but not obnoxious,” she says) alerting fans to deals and events or even in-store invite-only soirees to celebrate the launching of a new collection.

The bottom line: “We do lots of little things to make our customers feel special and inform them about what we do.”

As the minds at Catherine Denoual Maison plan for the future – one that will involve opening a shop in Hanoi – for Louise, the trick to successful growth is not losing touch of what makes Catherine Denoual Maison special. for CDM , it’s all about the hand-crafted touches like tasteful embroidery and premium materials imported from all over the world.

handcraftedImage source: Catherine denoual

These are best experienced in person, not through a computer screen, making the logical expansion to e-commerce a bit tricky. “The thing about bed linen and table linen, it’s very much something that you feel. especially something this high-quality, it’s hard for people who don’t know us to buy something online.”

As Vietnam’s economy continues to grow and fill the pockets of more Vietnamese customers, we’ll soon tell if quality will win.

Banner image source: Authenticque



San Art

San Art is an internationally renown, independent, artist-initiated, non-profit contemporary art organization centrally located in Ho Chi Minh City. We are committed to the exchange and cultivation of visual practice, aiming to promote, facilitate and showcase contemporary art through production, exhibition, discourse and education. Sàn Art (‘san’ meaning ‘platform’) was established in October 2007 in response to limited resources and negligible opportunities for contemporary art and culture in Vietnam. In a country that offers little in the way of infrastructure and few alternatives to commercial production, artists must be strategically creative in order to be heard.

Sàn Art is thus uniquely placed to fill the gap in access and opportunity by engaging with contemporary discourse through the visual arts, literature, performance and vocational activities such as exhibition, lecture, workshop, artist presentations and residency programs, in conjunction with local and international partners. Our current premises consists of a public reading room that holds textual and visual material on contemporary art, including facilities for ‘San Art Laboratory’ – our ‘artist-in-residence’ program – with 4 apartments and 4 studios.

San Art works with external partners in locating space to showcase exhibitions of the diverse talent of Vietnam and beyond. San Art also possesses a growing inventory of contemporary Vietnamese art that is available for sale. You will find a steady rotation of art adorning the walls of our reading room, please ask our staff for further information. All proceeds jointly benefit the artist and the ongoing programming costs of San Art as a not-for-profit organization.


Vin Gallery

VinGallery was created to spread awareness of the modern and contemporary art that is emerging in Vietnam. Exhibitions are dedicated to the work of modern and contemporary artists. We help support many of the influential and distinctive artists working today in Vietnam. Our artists come from diverse cultural backgrounds, work with various mediums, come from different art educations, and have a spectrum of life experiences. Being very active in the art scene, we have new exhibitions and events every month. Our events are created to provide a platform for the community to have an interactive exchange with artists. We are passionate about investing in fresh new artistic talent and are constantly on the look-out for talented artists.


Galerie Quynh

An internationally renowned contemporary art gallery showcasing Vietnam's most important artists and foreign talents, Galerie Quynh is a must visit for anyone interested in the Saigon art scene. Starting with abstract painters shunned by the state for their nonconformist work, the mediums employed now range from drawing to sculpture, photography, video and installation.

Founded in 2000 by Vietnamese-American art critic Quynh Pham and Brit Robert Cianchi, Galerie Quynh began as an online resource dedicated to the Vietnamese art scene. Its physical gallery in HCMC was established in 2003. Galerie Quynh is considered to be both one of the most contemporary art galleries and professional art spaces in Saigon and Vietnam. The gallery promotes education through artist talks and published texts in both English and Vietnamese languages. Galerie Quynh maintains a strict selection process and does not accept unsolicited proposals.



Couleurs by Réhahn Fine Art Photography

Réhahn’s stunning fine art photographic portraits and landscapes take us on a journey through the most beautiful and remote areas of Vietnam and the world. His work is highly sought after by visitors and collectors alike, making this gallery a must-see for anyone interested in art and photography. Prints are available for purchase in various mediums and formats including postcards, coffee table books, and high-quality, limited edition collector prints.

Réhahn Fine Art Photography

Local insight: Réhahn has a second gallery at the InterContinental Saigon that focuses on his limited edition collector prints. Go check out this special exclusive!