Shopping in Ho Chi Minh City is like eating a great dinner: you want to do it, you look forward to doing it and, to some extent, you really must do it. Tourists come from all over the world to experience Saigon’s chaotic Ben Thanh Market and Saigon Square, to get lost in countless glistening tables of gold and gems, and for the very best of bargaining. And the city itself is renowned as the commercial hub of Vietnam.

Perhaps the most well known quirks of shopping in Ho Chi Minh City are the deals, bargains, cheap products and promotions it offers. Famed for its colourful markets and hundreds of souvenir dealers, it is the place to visit for cheap memorabilia from your trip to Vietnam. Prices are either ridiculously low or ridiculously inflated depending on the seller, and before spending it’s advisable to bargain ruthlessly for a local, rather than tourist, price. If you are looking for the best gift to bring back home to your family, read our article: Top Souvenirs in Vietnam.

Fashion is also a key aspect of the Ho Chi Minh City shopping scene, which features the finest of cheap knock-offs, internationally renowned designers and up-market clothing chains. It is easy to lose yourself among the many boutique stores, international brands and colourful bargain dens of this city. Whether it’s an impeccable Jimmy Choo that does it for you or a fluffy no-brand sweater, you will probably be impressed by the offer. Tailors are also key to Ho Chi Minh City shopping, and are often the best option in terms of price and custom cuts. You can read our guide: Finding a Good Tailor in Ho Chi Minh City for many great tips.

Jewellery is another popular product for Saigon’s shoppers and, beside the sparkly chains and chunky rings of Saigon Square, this city is a must see for high-end accessorising. Boasting a number of well-known chains and custom design stores, Ho Chi Minh City offers a host of colour to the jewellery buying scene.

Finally, for those who like to adorn their houses rather than themselves, Saigon offers a wide range of options for stylish houseware, arts and home deco. Lining the streets in District 1, talented local artists will paint excellent copies of well-known works, original designs and realisations of your family photos for a very reasonable price. With custom furniture design, ornate handicrafts and clean-cut modern fittings, you will find everything you need for your home among Saigon’s warehouses.