Hog’s Breath Cafe - Australian Steak House

Australia's best steak is now available right here in Saigon! Hog’s Breath Cafe - Australian Steak House serves Western fare with happening happy hours and footy matches on the big screen TVs. Located at the base of Bitexco Tower in central Ho Chi Minh City, Hog's Breath is the place to head to when you can't go down under for Aussie eats, hospitality and atmosphere.

Hog's Breath Café sources their premium, yearling Australian Angus beef from one outlet only, in Australia, and have used the same supply source for over 20 years. This means the restaurant has consistency of product from the pasture to your plate in HCMC. They slow cook your beef for up to 18 hours for maximum tenderness, cut to size when ordered, and then sear it on the grill to seal in the flavour. If you've got a craving for steak done right in Saigon, head to Hog's Breath.


MAD House

Quietly residing in an offshoot from Nguyen U Di, the Nordic-influenced MAD House presents international cuisine focused on detail and taste in a lush, cozy villa environment. Two nimble Danish chefs devise daily specials centering around Vietnamese cuisine with a Scandinavian twist, serving favorites such as Da Nang scallops with herb butter and hand-cut beef tartar with fresh herbs.


B3 Steakhouse & Craft Beer

B3 Steakhouse & Craft Beer is the latest addition to the burgeoning Ho Chi Minh City Steakhouse outlets. They opened their doors in May 2016 and boast among other things the largest selection of craft beers on tap in the whole city. They are the only restaurant to offer second cut beef rather than only focusing on primary cuts as most of the competition do. This gives customers the chance to enjoy quality meat at prices that won’t burst the wallet. Clientele is a mix of expats, locals and tourists. Favoured cuts are the beef tenderloin and the oyster blade, both of which have attracted favourable reviews from food critics and regular customers alike.

b3 steakhouse

The restaurant couldn’t have a better location. Nguyen Hue is the focal point of the city. This recently adapted walking street is a magnet for locals at the weekend, providing a really exciting ambience in what is already a thriving city. This particular Ho Chi Minh City Steakhouse & Craft Beer occupies a fabulous spot close to the famous Rex Hotel. For those feeling the need for air-conditioning the inside area is large and airy, whilst for al fresco dining, the upstairs terrace seats up to twenty people and presents great views of the thoroughfare below.

b3 steakhouse

The decor is funky and modern, with New York style graffiti covering walls. This is something a little different and offers a much welcomed contrast to other Ho Chi Minh City Steakhouses. Diners enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and of course the great food and real ales. For the first time visitor, try their superb aforementioned oyster blade with pepper sauce. If steak is not your thing they have a wonderful duck breast with orange sauce, which is definitely worth a try.  

This is a winning combination, followers of craft beer are growing rapidly in numbers, and offering good quality beef at very reasonable prices at a premier location should see customers flocking in.

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New York Steakhouse

Indulge in a seductive dining experience at the famed Saigon Steak restaurant, New York Steakhouse. The innovative menu features signature prime cuts of beef charred to perfection accompanied by decadent sides and desserts. New York Steakhouse is the place where beef connoisseurs feel right at home, as the venue serves only the best steaks available. Find New York Steakhouse in the heart of HCMC on Nguyen Dinh Chieu.

New York Steakhouse is THE steak restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City and in Vietnam. It serves up a whole range of beef dishes from Rib Eye Steak, New York strip Steak and Tenderloin. Their secret to cooking the perfect steak is not just in their choosing a fine piece of meat. No, the preparation has to be precise. You can count on New York Steakhouse to deliver in spades.


Bier Garden

On Dong Khoi street, near the Saigon Opera House and in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City you find Bier Garden, a Hoi An style restaurant where the friendly staff serves a variety of international and Vietnamese dishes with a special twist.

The restaurant opened in 2010 and has earned a good reputation over the years. The speciality of Bier Garden is, as the name of the venue already indicates, beer.

The bar of the restaurant offers a selection of 34 different beers from all over the world. The airy garden space is the perfect place to lean back and enjoy an Omaha beef steak, which arrives at your table sizzling on a hot rock. Other specialities include German sausage or phở hot pot.

For lunch you may want to try one of Bier Garden’s delicious bánh mì combos for VND 79,000++. The most popular of these is bánh mì with roast pork, German style.


Bier Garden restaurant is built in the beautiful style of ancient Hoi An, making use of many wooden elements and lovely lanterns. Upon entering the venue, the first thing that captures your view is the big counter and the selection of 34 beers from all over the world, displayed on the shelves behind.

Right next to this is the small but beautiful garden area, featuring a koi pond. This is the best place to sit and relax in the restaurant.

Behind the garden, the main guest room opens up to the visitor, dominated by the open kitchen, where the chefs prepare the tasty dishes that get served at the Bier Garden. Upstairs you find a big, open area that is the perfect location for hosting events. The greatest strength of the venue is probably the airy openness to the garden area and the wind that gently moves the Hoi An lanterns.

Guests who would like to eat in an air conditioned environment can take a seat at the 30-seat lounge area, right opposite of the beer bar.

Bier Garden seats 180 guests, but with the design and the separate areas, it looks smaller and more private. Every evening between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m., a Filipino band lightens the mood with English songs and live entertainment.


A part of the good experience at Bier Garden restaurant is the friendly and attentive staff that serve food and drinks with a smile. During your stay you can rest assured that your water glass doesn’t stay unfilled for long periods of time. They are also fast to recommend the hot stone special and other promotions. The staff training is focused on the special beers they serve at the restaurant.


While Tiger draft beer is the most popular drink at Bier Garden, the drinks menu features a selection of 34 different beers. Most of them imported from traditional beer countries like Germany, Czech Republic and Belgium.

That feature alone makes the venue worth a visit, but the food menu is even more interesting, because it offers a wide choice of international and Vietnamese dishes, prepared by the chef who formerly worked at Lion Brewery and has over 10 years of experience.


While the German sausage is the most popular serve of the restaurant, they feature an array of dishes that make you curious in the beginning and happy in the end. Steaks arrive sizzling on a hot rock and whether you eat your imported U.S. Omaha beef steak rare, medium or well done is up to you. There are many promotions around the hot rock dishes you don’t want to miss.

If you strive to eat phở with a twist, try phở lẩu, the popular Vietnamese noodle soup in a hot pot pot variation. And if you are in a hurry and can’t find time to sit down in the cozy environment, pick one of their 11 mouthwatering bánh mì creations, from which roast pork bánh mì German style is the most popular one.

Open kitchen at Bier Garden, Dong Khoi Street, HCMC

While sausages and steaks are nice, we went straight for the salmon. Grilled to perfection by the dedicated chef and served with steamed vegetables on tagliatelle and with savory pepper sauce at the side. The vegetables were steamed right to the point and retained their vibrant colors as well as their individual taste.

Grilled salmon with vegetables and tagliatelle

Here is a selection of German-inspired ribs and salted roast pork, some vegetables and a mouthwatering dipping sauce. This kind of savory snack goes well with the selection of beers that is served at the restaurant.

Beer Snacks at Bier Garden Ho Chi Minh City

Bier Garden is kid-friendly, although they don’t have a kid’s menu. But it’s not too hard to keep track of the small ones, since they tend to gather around the pond in the garden area and play with the fish.

All that makes Bier Garden a nice place to sit and enjoy a cool beer with friends, family or business partners.

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And free flow Tiger or Heineken draft beer!

What People Say

With a solid average of four bubbles on TripAdvisor, Bier Garden rakes in a solid “Very Good” rating. Reviews tend to range from average to excellent with the occasional complaint about the food or the noise level of the band. Most of the visitors like the cozy ambiance, the live music, the beer selection and the German-style dishes.


EON51 Fine Dining

EON51 Fine Dining in Ho Chi Minh City raises the bar for high end, high up restaurants. This superb venue high above the streets of downtown Ho Chi Minh City is situated fifty-one storeys up in the Bitexco Financial Tower. Chef Cuong serves superb European food with an Asian twist. The restaurant design is clever; realising that the star of the visual show is the view, the interior has been made in a way to accentuate the large windows and the city they showcase.


The restaurant has created the perfect venue in which to enjoy your sky high dining experience. From the minute one enters, the open wine cellar and equally open kitchen create an inviting ambience and a welcoming atmosphere. The clean crisp linen and lovely cutlery, crockery and glassware all add to the high class feel of the place.

Wine Cellar at Eon51 Fine dining


The service was quite simply faultless. Plates arrived and disappeared with the minimum of fuss and the maximum politeness. Wine glasses were topped up at just the right times, meals arrived precisely and at exactly the same time for the guests. The staff were polite and just friendly enough so as to not be obtrusive. They answered any questions that they were asked; everything one would want and expect from a restaurant delivering fine dining in Ho Chi Minh City.

Eon51 Fine Dining - Service

Food & Drinks

The food and drink were magnificent, both in preparation and presentation. We went with Chef Cuong’s recommendations, and it didn’t disappoint. Despite going with fish, we chose a delightful red Bourgogne to accompany it and it worked well through the courses.

Eon51 Fine Dining - Chef Cuong

Deep water bay scallop with green asparagus, fennel pesto, black garlic, quail egg, truffle and red wine coulis

This was a real winner right from the off; the perfect balance of flavours all hinting at what might be to follow. The portion for us on this occasion was by way of an amuse bouche and it certainly did the job. The scallop was delicious, bursting with ripe, fresh flavour and aroma. The moistness of the seafood was matched by the crispness of the asparagus.

Pan seared foie gras with green tea crumb, spiced carrot, pumpkin puree with Xeres vinegar

This prize starter was beautifully presented and is the best foie gras I have had for a very long time. The green tea crumb on top set it off beautifully, adding that little bit of Asian pizzazz to one of the classics of European cuisine. The crisp carrots were topped off with coconut which was an unusual and effective combination - one I really liked.

Pineapple palate cleanser

A glass of strong pineapple juice to awaken the palate. This was utterly uplifting to the tongue, and left the mouth feeling cleansed and ready to go.

Roasted cod fish fillet drizzled with black olive tapenade and warm potato salad

Set off by a single prawn, this was simply superb. The fish was cooked to perfection and highlighted by the tapenade. The fish fell apart in flakes on the fork and retained all its moisture and flavour. Again the EON51 Fine Dining signature presentation was evident and the balance of ingredients really well thought out. This was the highlight of the evening for me, though my French dinner partner singled out the foie gras. It’s always a great sign when two diners struggle to find the highlight, and finish up with two different courses.

EON51 Fine Dining dessert sample of chef special tiramisu, milk chocolate mousse and balsamic glaze strawberry tart with vanilla ice cream

I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the rich chocolate and the light tart strawberries. The flavours were an apt contrast. The tiramisu was perfectly fine and again the overall presentation won the day.

Mignardises of strawberry macarons, shortbread biscuits and chocolate truffles with filo pastry

I really enjoyed these bite sized dessert canapés. They work superbly well at the end of a satisfying meal. The big winner for me of the whole experience was that wonderful feeling of being completed sated but not in the least bit over-full. Nothing spoils a meal more than getting to the dessert course, only to feel over-faced when it arrives.

Eon51 Fine Dining - Chef Team

What Can Be Improved

It is not easy to find fault here. One small detail is that for a venue where the view is so important, some of the windows are in need of cleaning. This is however, one would suspect, out of their hands and firmly in the domain of the Bitexco Tower’s building management.

What People Say

EON51 Fine Dining gets differing reviews on TripAdvisor. Some people comment negatively on price, whilst others seem perfectly happy to pay for a fine dining experience 51 floors up. The positive reviews are extremely positive, but it is certainly a mixed bag.


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