Hard Rock Cafe

Occupying a corner of Kumho Asiana Plaza, Hard Rock Cafe HCMC serves classic Western fare with a soundtrack of rock n’ roll played by the house band and weekly guests. With special events like I love Vietnam tour, Coors Light giveaways and frequent special promotions, the Saigon edition of this global chain is one of the best spots in town to soak in American and British musical favourites amongst a swinging crowd of locals and expatriates.
Located in Kumho Asiana Plaza at the corner of Le Duan and Hai Ba Trung, Hard Rock Café HCMC will cater to your Western food cravings. In fact, some Western favourites have been fused with elements of local Saigon cuisine, creating a tasty blend of traditional tastes. Check out their extensive menu, set lunch, kids' menu and Rock Shop for obligatory souvenir merchandises.

B3 Steakhouse & Craft Beer

B3 Steakhouse & Craft Beer is the latest addition to the burgeoning Ho Chi Minh City Steakhouse outlets. They opened their doors in May 2016 and boast among other things the largest selection of craft beers on tap in the whole city. They are the only restaurant to offer second cut beef rather than only focusing on primary cuts as most of the competition do. This gives customers the chance to enjoy quality meat at prices that won’t burst the wallet. Clientele is a mix of expats, locals and tourists. Favoured cuts are the beef tenderloin and the oyster blade, both of which have attracted favourable reviews from food critics and regular customers alike.

b3 steakhouse

The restaurant couldn’t have a better location. Nguyen Hue is the focal point of the city. This recently adapted walking street is a magnet for locals at the weekend, providing a really exciting ambience in what is already a thriving city. This particular Ho Chi Minh City Steakhouse & Craft Beer occupies a fabulous spot close to the famous Rex Hotel. For those feeling the need for air-conditioning the inside area is large and airy, whilst for al fresco dining, the upstairs terrace seats up to twenty people and presents great views of the thoroughfare below.

b3 steakhouse

The decor is funky and modern, with New York style graffiti covering walls. This is something a little different and offers a much welcomed contrast to other Ho Chi Minh City Steakhouses. Diners enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and of course the great food and real ales. For the first time visitor, try their superb aforementioned oyster blade with pepper sauce. If steak is not your thing they have a wonderful duck breast with orange sauce, which is definitely worth a try.  

This is a winning combination, followers of craft beer are growing rapidly in numbers, and offering good quality beef at very reasonable prices at a premier location should see customers flocking in.

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Bier Garden

On Dong Khoi street, near the Saigon Opera House and in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City you find Bier Garden, a Hoi An style restaurant where the friendly staff serves a variety of international and Vietnamese dishes with a special twist.

The restaurant opened in 2010 and has earned a good reputation over the years. The speciality of Bier Garden is, as the name of the venue already indicates, beer.

The bar of the restaurant offers a selection of 34 different beers from all over the world. The airy garden space is the perfect place to lean back and enjoy an Omaha beef steak, which arrives at your table sizzling on a hot rock. Other specialities include German sausage or phở hot pot.

For lunch you may want to try one of Bier Garden’s delicious bánh mì combos for VND 79,000++. The most popular of these is bánh mì with roast pork, German style.


Bier Garden restaurant is built in the beautiful style of ancient Hoi An, making use of many wooden elements and lovely lanterns. Upon entering the venue, the first thing that captures your view is the big counter and the selection of 34 beers from all over the world, displayed on the shelves behind.

Right next to this is the small but beautiful garden area, featuring a koi pond. This is the best place to sit and relax in the restaurant.

Behind the garden, the main guest room opens up to the visitor, dominated by the open kitchen, where the chefs prepare the tasty dishes that get served at the Bier Garden. Upstairs you find a big, open area that is the perfect location for hosting events. The greatest strength of the venue is probably the airy openness to the garden area and the wind that gently moves the Hoi An lanterns.

Guests who would like to eat in an air conditioned environment can take a seat at the 30-seat lounge area, right opposite of the beer bar.

Bier Garden seats 180 guests, but with the design and the separate areas, it looks smaller and more private. Every evening between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m., a Filipino band lightens the mood with English songs and live entertainment.


A part of the good experience at Bier Garden restaurant is the friendly and attentive staff that serve food and drinks with a smile. During your stay you can rest assured that your water glass doesn’t stay unfilled for long periods of time. They are also fast to recommend the hot stone special and other promotions. The staff training is focused on the special beers they serve at the restaurant.


While Tiger draft beer is the most popular drink at Bier Garden, the drinks menu features a selection of 34 different beers. Most of them imported from traditional beer countries like Germany, Czech Republic and Belgium.

That feature alone makes the venue worth a visit, but the food menu is even more interesting, because it offers a wide choice of international and Vietnamese dishes, prepared by the chef who formerly worked at Lion Brewery and has over 10 years of experience.


While the German sausage is the most popular serve of the restaurant, they feature an array of dishes that make you curious in the beginning and happy in the end. Steaks arrive sizzling on a hot rock and whether you eat your imported U.S. Omaha beef steak rare, medium or well done is up to you. There are many promotions around the hot rock dishes you don’t want to miss.

If you strive to eat phở with a twist, try phở lẩu, the popular Vietnamese noodle soup in a hot pot pot variation. And if you are in a hurry and can’t find time to sit down in the cozy environment, pick one of their 11 mouthwatering bánh mì creations, from which roast pork bánh mì German style is the most popular one.

Open kitchen at Bier Garden, Dong Khoi Street, HCMC

While sausages and steaks are nice, we went straight for the salmon. Grilled to perfection by the dedicated chef and served with steamed vegetables on tagliatelle and with savory pepper sauce at the side. The vegetables were steamed right to the point and retained their vibrant colors as well as their individual taste.

Grilled salmon with vegetables and tagliatelle

Here is a selection of German-inspired ribs and salted roast pork, some vegetables and a mouthwatering dipping sauce. This kind of savory snack goes well with the selection of beers that is served at the restaurant.

Beer Snacks at Bier Garden Ho Chi Minh City

Bier Garden is kid-friendly, although they don’t have a kid’s menu. But it’s not too hard to keep track of the small ones, since they tend to gather around the pond in the garden area and play with the fish.

All that makes Bier Garden a nice place to sit and enjoy a cool beer with friends, family or business partners.

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4 people, 4 hours, 4 dishes.
And free flow Tiger or Heineken draft beer!

What People Say

With a solid average of four bubbles on TripAdvisor, Bier Garden rakes in a solid “Very Good” rating. Reviews tend to range from average to excellent with the occasional complaint about the food or the noise level of the band. Most of the visitors like the cozy ambiance, the live music, the beer selection and the German-style dishes.


Au Lac Do Brazil

Au Lac Do Brazil is Vietnam's first Brazilian barbeque restaurant.

Au Lac Do Brazil

Head to this charbroiled haven for private parties, birthdays or any other occasion. The charcoal-grilled BBQ menu includes a la carte or all-you-can-eat Churrasco style Brazilian cooking. The love of fine meats highlighted in the kitchen has made Au Lac do Brazil a namesake in HCMC for a decade. The first Churrascaria in the country, no one can hold a torch to the delectable cuisine on offer at Saigon's favourite Brazilian eatery. Sim por favor. When in Hanoi be sure to check out their sister location Au Lac Do Brazil Hanoi.

Au Lac Do Brazil

Au Lac do Brazil restaurant offers a traditional all-you-can-eat Brazilian style barbecue, where different cuts of meat are served at your table, joined by an impressive selection of fine wines. Catering, garden and housewarming parties for large groups are available, too: let them do the grilling wherever you choose! All of their top quality beef and lamb are imported from New Zealand. The grilling is made on charcoal and wood to obtain the best taste of the meat. Over 12 different kinds of BBQ, served on skewers, are brought to you at your table in addition to salads, grilled pineapple and typical Brazilian side dishes.

Au Lac Do Brazil


Cafe Saigon

At the Cafe Saigon, breakfast is a true buffet and a la carte experience. The space offers five separate stations, each serving a different type of food or drink: Vietnamese cuisine is in its own corner of the restaurant; the juices and condiments are on the left, with hot waffles and cereals behind them and a range of cold cuts, breads and cereals adjacent; and at a station in the center of the space a smiling chef will cook you your own combination of hash browns, eggs, bacon, sausages and other hot breakfast foods, including their signature omelet from your own choice of fresh ingredients. Ask for tea or coffee, and check your menu for the Cafe’s a la carte breakfast options.

The range of food at the Cafe Saigon is impressive, and the standard largely matches the range. A la carte menu is available from 6:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., with an additional lunch and breakfast buffet seven days a week and a dinner buffet from Friday to Sunday. The kitchen team puts an emphasis on using natural, nutritious ingredients in food, believing that over-seasoning and using chemical products only smothers the taste of a good dish. If food is designed, prepared and served well it will speak for itself, and a good chef knows the potential of simplicity.

At both breakfast and dinner you can choose from a range of freshly baked loaves and rolls, traditional sliced toast and French baguette, croissants and sponge cakes. Gluten-free options are on offer at the buffet, and in all the menus there are a number of options that don’t contain gluten simply because it is not an ingredient. This is especially true for the Cafe Saigon specials at the grand dinner buffet, which focus on light, aromatic seasoning and tender juicy seafood.

The grand buffet itself, open from Friday to Sunday, offers a very wide range of cuisines and is definitely worth a visit. For VND 799,000 per adult you can expect an almost overwhelming variety of cold cuts, bread, salad and a range of canape from sushi to a cheese platter, delicious stir-fries and grilled pork crackling, traditional Vietnamese noodles and a wide variety of seafoods, not to mention over 10 different types of dessert! Bellany ice cream is available at every meal, though most popular for breakfast, and can be combined with fresh fruit or a number of Vietnamese and Continental style cakes.

But it is the Cafe Saigon’s unique combination of magnificent buffet and a special a la carte menu that really sets this restaurant apart. The concept is that guests can order from the signature a la carte menu, and whilst they wait they can enjoy the canapes, cold cuts, breads and other foods from the buffet. There is no rush for the a la carte dishes, and guests are never left waiting for their food to arrive.

Though it is an intrinsic part of the Cafe Saigon buffet concept, the a la carte menu is in fact served all week and its signature dishes alone bring customers from all over Ho Chi Minh City. It is a combination of a select range of succulent dishes, each quite small and using only fresh ingredients. All seafood is on display for your reference, and on the weekends while you wait for your a la carte food you can nibble at the complimentary buffet. From the a la carte menu we would recommend the Sauteed Garlic and Sweet Chilli Lobster for its juicy meat and light, tangy sauce. Every dish on the a’la carte menu is carefully spiced so that the natural flavors of each ingredient can be tasted. Another favorite of ours is the Deep-fried Sesame Salmon Fillet, served with char siu sauce. The leaf holds all the fish’s natural oils in the flesh, and keeps it moist and soft - it melts in your mouth.

Lunch comes in the form of an a la carte menu, with a range of delicious signature dishes to choose from. Why not enjoy a glass of crisp sauvignon blanc with your meal, or perhaps a fresh coconut fruit juice. Cafe Saigon has a comfortable feel to it, and its low lights and smiling staff will make you feel at home. Classified as “casual dining”, the restaurant combines impeccable service with a relaxed ambience to bring you a pleasant combination of class and comfort.

We recommend the lobster bisque for VND 249,000 to start your meal. Inspired by the classic French-style soup this brand of lobster bisque is Executive Chef’s own elaboration. It takes the soup’s traditional creamy broth and combines it with a succulent lobster tail, the crunch of exquisitely thin vegetable curls, and a garnish of aromatic garlic flowers. The dish relies on a careful balance of fresh, simple ingredients, and is as light on the stomach as it is appetising.

Second, try the signature lamb cutlet lollipops, for VND 429,000, named ‘lollipops’ for its unique approach to the traditional cutlet. This dish balances palate cleansing vegetables with the rich, succulent flavor of tender lamb. Following the recipe of their Executive Chef, the chefs at Cafe Saigon take a five-rib lamb rack, remove the two lesser ribs, and use them to coat the three remaining ribs with a delicious herb-filled mincemeat. These are then doused in a tangy gravy and served with a little mound of vegetable ratatouille, standing on end like 3 juicy lollipops. Slice a cutlet right across its middle to see the layers of rough meat and mince, and try combining ratatouille with both types of meat for a taste of the full range of flavors that this dish offers. Again, made with fresh vegetables and meat, and rich in protein, natural minerals and nutrients, this dish is also nice and light on the stomach.

Finally, do not leave without dessert. Among a range of delicious and original choices, the Cafe Saigon’s Mousse Duo for VND 139,000 is our company favorite. The dish is served on a long, rectangular plate and is arranged into two lovely sections - a mound of Bellany mango sorbet is nestled on a bed of crumble at one end, while layered slices of coconut and pandan mousse, garnished with a toasted coconut wafer, sits opposite. The mousse is light and fluffy, and its creamy texture is directly complemented by the coconut wafer and a dab of fruity sorbet. A garnish of pandan sauce connects the sorbet and mousse, and we would definitely recommend combining this with a bite of mousse and wafer to really grasp the flowery flavors of the dessert’s core ingredient, pandan.

The Cafe Saigon is deliberately designed to cater to international palates. It not only offers a very extensive variety of cuisines and variations, he also emphasises natural, carefully balanced flavors and a lack of over-seasoning in his food, which allows for a wider range of appreciation and appeals to the majority of palates. Guests can adjust the seasoning of their food as they wish, but the dishes do have integrity in themselves.

In-room dining is available, but uses a specific menu. Please see “Rooms & Amenities” for more information.


May Restaurant and Bar

This restaurant group has been in Saigon for over 20 years with brands such as Shadow Bar & Cafe. They specialise in both Asian and Western dishes and pride themselves in their wine list and international standard of service. Try the US Angus beef or the Canadian scallops.


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