Bistro Sông Vie Restaurant

Amid a modern and stylish setting, Bistro Sông Vie restaurant in Villa Song Saigon tempts your palette with an intriguing offering of modern East meets West cuisine. Indulge in Western favourites, traditional Vietnamese cuisine, or Asian delicacies with an inspired twist.


B3 Steakhouse & Craft Beer

B3 Steakhouse & Craft Beer is the latest addition to the burgeoning Ho Chi Minh City Steakhouse outlets. They opened their doors in May 2016 and boast among other things the largest selection of craft beers on tap in the whole city. They are the only restaurant to offer second cut beef rather than only focusing on primary cuts as most of the competition do. This gives customers the chance to enjoy quality meat at prices that won’t burst the wallet. Clientele is a mix of expats, locals and tourists. Favoured cuts are the beef tenderloin and the oyster blade, both of which have attracted favourable reviews from food critics and regular customers alike.

b3 steakhouse

The restaurant couldn’t have a better location. Nguyen Hue is the focal point of the city. This recently adapted walking street is a magnet for locals at the weekend, providing a really exciting ambience in what is already a thriving city. This particular Ho Chi Minh City Steakhouse & Craft Beer occupies a fabulous spot close to the famous Rex Hotel. For those feeling the need for air-conditioning the inside area is large and airy, whilst for al fresco dining, the upstairs terrace seats up to twenty people and presents great views of the thoroughfare below.

b3 steakhouse

The decor is funky and modern, with New York style graffiti covering walls. This is something a little different and offers a much welcomed contrast to other Ho Chi Minh City Steakhouses. Diners enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and of course the great food and real ales. For the first time visitor, try their superb aforementioned oyster blade with pepper sauce. If steak is not your thing they have a wonderful duck breast with orange sauce, which is definitely worth a try.  

This is a winning combination, followers of craft beer are growing rapidly in numbers, and offering good quality beef at very reasonable prices at a premier location should see customers flocking in.

Visit B3 Steakhouse & Craft Beer with our latest map to get a cool discount!


New York Steakhouse

Indulge in a seductive dining experience at the famed Saigon Steak restaurant, New York Steakhouse. The innovative menu features signature prime cuts of beef charred to perfection accompanied by decadent sides and desserts. New York Steakhouse is the place where beef connoisseurs feel right at home, as the venue serves only the best steaks available. Find New York Steakhouse in the heart of HCMC on Nguyen Dinh Chieu.

New York Steakhouse is THE steak restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City and in Vietnam. It serves up a whole range of beef dishes from Rib Eye Steak, New York strip Steak and Tenderloin. Their secret to cooking the perfect steak is not just in their choosing a fine piece of meat. No, the preparation has to be precise. You can count on New York Steakhouse to deliver in spades.


The Log Restaurant - Gem Center

City Pass Guide visits Ho Chi Minh City’s Gem Center to try out their top-floor establishment, The Log Restaurant in a fantastic winter-lodge-style setting.

The Log Restaurant is in a realm of its own: all-wood interiors, a chic bar-lounge overseen by two giant moose heads (a present from one of the managers’ friends) and a winter lodge aura and aroma that’s starkly out of place from the city’s usual restaurant environment.

The restaurant is located on the seventh floor of the Gem Center, Ho Chi Minh City’s flashy event and dining complex. It was developed by Vittle & Vino, a U.S.-based company, and is managed by PQC Hospitality, which is owned jointly by two buoyant twins – Billy and Henry. The Log hosts lunch from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. every day, and features a three course set lunch (VND 210,000++ - VND 280,000++) and a la carte menu (VND 70,000++ - VND 390,000++) and is already open for dinner: 6:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. for a la carte (VND 80,000++ - VND 780,000++), and 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. for the buffet (VND 1.2 million net per person, which includes free flow wine and soft drinks).

While the food caters to particular palates (you’ll get a sense of what you might like after reading the Experience section), the place is a worthy visit, even if only to sample the selection and soak in the unconventional atmosphere. 


Toned down live jazz music flows like an undercurrent over the White Meranti floorboards, joining the low lighting to create an intimate space fit for laid back couples looking to chatter their evening away with some new world wine, or businessmen seeking a classy place to discuss matters in a less formal, more modish environment.

A persona flows from the restaurant’s aesthetic. The Log’s theme is “tree house,” but the place screams “rocky mountain lodge,” with an alluring and spacious interior composed entirely of wood. Walking up the restaurant’s steps from the sixth floor, you can smell the Meranti exuding from the walls, ceiling and floor. The two giant moose heads and idiosyncratic art pieces add a personal homey feel that goes hand- in-hand with the two eccentric managers.

The buffet area is well separated from the a la carte section, with rows upon rows of stations displaying fresh seafood on ice (brought over from Vung Tau and Phu Quoc Island), sashimi, dim sum, international fusion cuisine, a pastry counter (complete with chocolate fountain) and more, giving this side of the restaurant a more communal vibe that meshes well with families and groups of friends.

There are outside areas for both a la carte and buffet guests in two distinct settings – a garden milieu and a city-view area. The buffet is priced at VND 1.2 million per person and features over 120 dishes, including lobsters, oysters, prawns, crabs, dim sum, sashimi and much more.

You are greeted with smiles as you ascend the wooden steps to the restaurant, setting a respectable tone for the evening. The wait staff’s English may not always be fluent, but everyone is polite and tries to live up to the level the restaurant presents itself.

The Log Saigon's managers Billy and Henry sometimes make the rounds and ask how everyone’s enjoying their food, occasionally sitting down for a chat and a laugh.

The bartenders are knowledgeable in their spirits and serve a variety of whiskeys and balanced cocktails with finesse.

For our meal we dabbled in a few Western signatures, along with some standard items both sides of the globe might likely enjoy.

Here’s a breakdown of the food we had at The Log Restaurant Saigon:

Salmon salad (VND 180,000++): You are given a side of citrusy dressing for the salmon salad. The mixture may be spicy for some, and it’s best to first dab a smidgen of your greens into the dressing to test the waters. We found that the spiciness paired well with the salad when used in moderation. The salmon itself was soft, thin and a tad buttery, and the greens were fresh. If you find the sauce overbearingly zesty, ask for some olive oil or another dressing instead.

Baked chicken slice stuffed with foie gras (VND 350,000++): If you’re feeling a bit gluttonous, we’d bump this up to a must-try at The Log. The dish is comprised of several hors-d’oeuvres consisting of chicken strips hugging some viscous foie gras and a few bits of vegetables. The chicken is juicy, and the foie gras, if you’ve had a quality goose or duck liver spread before, is nothing too distinct, but the unctuous, melted filling goes well with the crisp chicken and vegetable bits. 

Grilled rib-eye with miso truffle sauce (VND 420,000++): Opt for the rib-eye if you’re not a regular steak eater. If you’re hailing from the U.S., you might want to stick to the more seafood-centric dishes, since the portion size is average at best for an experienced prime beef eater. But we digress: our steak arrived medium rare, with a bit of mashed potato and sprouts sprinkled on top. The inside was nicely pink and a tad bloody, the texture itself was soft and the meat somewhat fibrous. We picked the black pepper sauce, but would instead suggest a Porto wine sauce, or asking the waiter for a bit of salt and pepper for seasoning.

Beef Wellington (VND 460,000++): The process that goes into creating the dandily-named Beef Wellington (makes you want to address it as Sir, doesn’t it) is quite elaborate. The Wellington is unassuming at first glance: a loaf of lustrous bread with some garlic cloves beside it, with a petite bowl of brown sauce on the side. The sauce is comprised of bone marrow and a wealth of other ingredients, steamed for 24 hours before being served. The inside of the Wellington is made of several layers of bread, mushrooms and beef. The meat is warm, tender and bloodless, and plays well with the softness of the mushrooms, the outside layer of brittle, crusty bread, and the thick, doughy bread directly underneath.

Rum truffle (VND 105,000++): A smooth, dark truffle winged with tall chocolate honeycomb wafers. The savory presentation is inviting, and the truffle doesn’t disappoint, with a thick, even texture and chocolate that is not overbearingly saccharine.

Out of 44 reviews on TripAdvisor, The Log Restaurant received 4 out of 5 bubbles. The reviews about the food are mixed – some love it and some not so much. The reviews for the atmosphere and décor are unanimously positive, and many times reviewers express awe upon first walking in.


Reflections Restaurant

Reflections is a cosmopolitan fine-dining restaurant located on the third floor of Caravelle Hotel, right in the heart of Saigon, serving creative dishes from around the world. Drawing inspiration from international cooking styles and techniques, the dishes are prepared by an award-winning team.


With a front row seat to the spectacular view of lights from the nearby Lam Son Square and Saigon Opera House, and accompanied by the visual spectacle of one of the busiest intersections in the city – minus the noise – right beside you, the restaurant is a fitting space to indulge in a comfortable and memorable dining experience.

Cosmopolitan, Yet Local

Using local, organically grown fruits and vegetables, Reflections also embraces its Vietnamese setting with its interior decorations: diners can look at photographs on the walls which pay tribute to Saigon’s heritage and the changing faces of Vietnam.

Featuring occasional guest appearances by Michelin-starred chefs such as Nicolas Isnard, Andrea Spagon, Thierry Drapeau and many others, the Reflections also frequently hosts wine dinners and workshops to raise the city’s culinary ambitions.


To keep things fresh, the chefs at Reflections update the menu once every two months to try out new specials, featuring the best seasonal produce sourced from around the world.

The Perfect Setting for Many Occasions

Located on the third floor of the Caravelle Hotel, Reflections provides an elevated view of HCMC’s busy streets below. It’s an ideal spot for a romantic dinner date or a small gathering of friends and loved ones. Although it comes with a price range that may seem a little steep for some, the restaurant takes its quality of food, service and customer feedback very seriously. Even better, the quality of the food is enhanced by the warm and intuitive service that Caravelle has always been known for.

Local Insight

Do take note of the restaurant’s dress code policy of smart casual.


Latest Recipe

With a name that’s straight to the point, Latest Recipe is an all-day dining buffet-style restaurant located on the Mezzanine level of Le Meridien Hotel. It features a wide variety of international cuisines, both on the buffet spread and on their a la carte menu, as well as signature breakfasts, a weekly Sunday brunch and their Eye Openers programme.


Stepping into Latest Recipe, the first impression you get is that of a clean, warm and homely establishment, with its French-kitchen vibe and classy tiles on the walls. The wood accents, yellow high-lights, comfortable chairs and geometrically designed ceiling give the restaurant a very neutral tone, almost like something out of a classic French movie.

Open Kitchen at Latest Recipe, Le Meridien

The layout also allows you to watch the chefs in action as they prepare your food.


The breakfast menu is vast, featuring interestingly named sets like “The Mind Awakes”, “Discovery” and “Explore”, with flexible options so you can fully customise your meal according to the type of bread you want, up to how you would like your eggs cooked. You can also pair them with the Eye Openers, a category of signature healthy drinks like passion fruit + aloe vera + ginger; soursop + tangerine + carrot; and mango + Vietnamese basil + calamansi.

You can also choose between a “Vietnamese Breakfast”, if you feel like going local, and a “Japanese Breakfast”, which comes with natto (fermented soy bean). There are also a la carte options if you prefer something more specific.

Beef Wellington at Latest Recipe, Le Meridien

The restaurant is wildly popular for the Sunday Discovery Brunch programme with a classic and progressive cuisine from executive chef Frederic Meynard, going at VND1.7M++ per person.

The dinner buffet spread,which is held from Sundays to Thursdays, features a wide selection of dishes going for VND798, 000++, and on Fridays and Saturdays, the restaurant hosts a themed promotional dinner buffet, which is priced at VND1.2M++ and includes a free flow of wine, beer, soft drinks, tea and coffee.

What Others Say

Latest Recipe scored 4.5 out of 5 on TripAdvisor with most reviewers praising it for its service, quality of food and the brunch experience. It also gets an 8 out of 10 on, with most reviewers raving about the brunch specials

City Pass Guide Says

With a very diverse and versatile menu, the breakfast sets, dinner buffets and Sunday brunches are all worth checking out. The only drawback might be the cost, but for what it’s worth, you’re getting what you pay for — top-quality food served with a nice ambience.

Local Insight

The themed promotional dinner buffet on Fridays and Saturdays changes every three months.


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