Khoai Restaurant

Khoái is the product of dreams and thoughts of people who love enjoying good food, especially authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Inspired by the beautiful beaches and distinctive food culture of Nha Trang, we decided to introduce authentic Nha Trang food to those Vietnamese and tourists who would enjoy discovering the traditional taste of food from central Vietnam.

Khoái is aiming to be a place for Nha Trang food lovers gathering together to share the delectable and outstanding food. Khoái is also a place where tourists can understand and experience the origins of Vietnamese cuisine, and taste authentic Nha Trang food.

At Khoái, customers will be able to enjoy a variety of traditional dishes like Bún Cá (fish cake noodle soup), Bún sứa (Jelly fish noodle soup), Nem Nướng (grilled pork meat wrapped in rice paper), Bánh căn (rice cake cooked on clay-pot), bánh ướt Diên Khánh (steamed rice pancake with shrimp) and several others. Some of the other seafood dishes are also served at Khoái, like Sea prawns steamed in beer, Jelly fish salad, “Leatherjacket” fish grilled with green chilies, “Big-eyes” fish steamed with soya sauce, Squid fried in fish sauce.

All recipes are from our Head Chef, a native of Nha Trang, and fresh materials are shipped daily to our restaurant from Nha Trang and other central ports.

Khoái restaurant has maximized the use of ingredients such as seaweed, fruit juice, beans, coconut milk etc in our sauces and food. Our Chef continuously endeavors to provide a unique dining experience at Khoái through food that is not only delicious but also healthy.

Khoái restaurant is now known not only for its delicious food, but also for the nice, peaceful and warm and friendly environment. Here you can find a Vietnamese vintage style: the wooden windows of old Vietnamese houses, the ancient style lamps adorning the walls, or in the old Nha Trang pictures from the last century. Customers will feel comfortable and relaxed in the simple yet elegant ambiance of old Nha Trang.


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