Dynasty Chinese Restaurant

Excellent staff and authentic Chinese cuisine make Dynasty a choice dining experience at the heart of District 1

Located on the first floor of the New World Saigon Hotel, Dynasty overlooking the hotel’s grandiose lobby where guests can often hear live singers chiming local and international classics alongside soft piano melodies in the lobby lounge.

Arranged using fengshui, the décor is simple, with bamboo and metal taking their appropriate places. It may appear unremarkable, but when the food arrives you won’t be paying much attention to the environment. 

Citypassguide.com sat down on a weekday night to experience Dynasty’s well-presented, traditional dishes.

The staff is more than flexible with guest orders. While we waited for our tea to steep, the manager explained that dishes can be made any way the customer wishes. The roasted duck, for example, may be skinned, diced with fried rice or noodles, served Sichuan-style, or whatever the customer desires – any request is feasible. Guests sometimes even bring pictures of food unavailable on the menu and describe the taste for a “custom” Chinese meal.

After sipping our tea, we were given a shot of Shaoxing rice wine, with the customary lime and pickled fruit. The wine has the color of dark bourbon and a taste that’s part sake and part port wine. It’s warmed for a richer flavor and is quite eclectic for those unfamiliar with it.

After a short wait, our food was served. Here’s a detailed breakdown of our set meal, step-by-step:

  1. We began with a flour wrap on our plates as the roasted duck was wheeled to our table. The duck skin was crisp and easy to cut, and the waiter placed squares of the skin on our wraps. We then took some vegetables and herbs from the table and wrapped the contents in our bread, dipping it into hoisin sauce. Simple, yet delicious.
  2. Next, we sampled some fresh a la carte dim sum, including shumai and money-bag shaped classic dim sum. Both were treats for the palate.
  3. Finishing the dim sum, we were presented with a sample of their famous suckling pig served with a side of jellyfish. The suckling pig is said to be some of the best in the city. Ours had a great ratio of skin to fat and paired beautifully with the hoisin sauce.
  4. The egg yolk dim sum came next. The fried yolk layer on the outside was overly salty, but it balanced quite nicely with the prawn inside.
  5. Dynasty’s chicken dumplings were served alongside its unique scallop spinach soup. The soup was a blend of grinded scallop and spinach, and the solids consisted of fresh scallops. The soup was thick, creamy and satisfyingly filling.
  6. We had a premium seafood dish next, consisting of broccoli displayed against a row of maw, sea cucumber, blue river shrimp leg, mushroom, and pork stripe. The blue river shrimp was particularly good.
  7. The restaurant’s salmon fried rice turned out excellent. The rice was fried with the egg whites and pine nuts. The result was quite addictive and filling and we almost didn’t have enough room to fit our favorite part of the course: the mango pudding.
  8. The allure of Dynasty’s mango pudding is the prepared ingredients. Only a little gelatin is used with the mango puree, which is then cooked and left to cool with fresh mango pieces. The delicious result is then topped with steam coconut cream. Despite reaching our capacity for how much we could try in one night, we had no problem finishing our dessert.

City Pass was lucky enough to stop by on Saturday to try Dynasty’s yum cha buffet with all-you-can-eat dim sum. A cart was pushed around showing delectable dumpling samples. There are 30 selections ranging several categories: steamed, fried, noodle and congee combos. The congee with preserved egg was a standout choice, as well as the shrimp fish balls, which were breaded just the right amount. The abalone and pork dumplings were our American writer’s favorite. The mixed egg yolk buns made for a scrumptious and sweet finisher.

For the authentic Cantonese cuisine aficionados, the Chinese staff and ingredients will appease even scrupulous palates. Newcomers will find some unique offerings that range, in taste, from above average to downright delicious – depending on your palate. The décor is simple, the staff is great and the overall experience is definitely a positive one. Make sure to try their suckling pig and homemade desserts, along with their yum cha buffet on Saturdays.

  • Authentic Cantonese cuisine
  • Knowledgeable Chinese staff
  • Great District 1 location – 23 9 Park and the Ben Thanh market are minutes away by foot
  • Saturday yum cha has a nice selection of quality dim sum
  • The suckling pig and roasted duck as superb
  • The desserts are homemade, natural and scrumptious

If you’re up for a special weekday night with some authentic Chinese cuisine and Shaoxing wine, come here for the set menu courses and make sure you try the suckling pig and desserts. They are genuinely passionate about their food and light up when you give them a compliment. The location is also second to none. City Pass Certified.


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