Collagen Hot Pot Anyone?

By: Sivaraj Pragasm

Collagen and hot-pot are two things that aren’t usually found in the same sentence. Somewhere during the turn of the decade, however, someone discovered that boiling chicken for more than eight hours would cause the bones to dissolve, resulting in a creamy, collagen-rich broth.

Thus began the mad rush of collagen-rich soups that promises better, shinier and tighter skin.


In Saigon, where beauty is a really big deal, this concept was expected to be a sure-fire hit and sure enough, supermarkets suddenly started stocking up on collagen-rich products that could be ingested directly. Restaurants also incorporated collagen gel as an add-on for soups and the trend started gaining ground.

However, collagen, being a naturally occurring substance, should be extracted in its most natural state. This is something Mr. Nagai Shigemasa knew, and decided to incorporate in his new venture, BISHIN.

Straight From Japan

Originally from Nagoya, Japan, Mr. Shigemasa moved to Vietnam during a journey of self-discovery in 1997. After opening and running the wildly popular Sushi Bar, he decided to broaden his horizon by delving into the collagen hot pot business, and that is how Bishin was born, in April 2017.

Conveniently located along Hai Ba Trung, just next to Saigon Square, the three-storey restaurant sits behind a short driveway. Each floor is unique, with different decor themes that exude coziness and elegance and service staff that are friendly, enthusiastic, helpful and professional.

Using the freshest ingredients sourced locally from Da Lat, Bishin’s menu may seem a little too simple at first, but their main offering is what makes customers come back for more. Their collagen chicken hot-pot is made from carefully selected natural ingredients, with the broth consisting of 12 different kinds of vegetables. Plus, it’s all cooked in a standardized and patented process to consistently attain the highest quality possible.

Besides the collagen chicken hot pot, BISHIN also offers lunch box specials which feature steamed rice, chicken, soup and salad at a reasonable price. The theme of the dishes at Bishin is healthy food.


A delicious, healthy and hearty meal is what Bishin aims to serve and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Eating here is best with your family or a group of friends, as the spacious and lively ambience of the restaurant is perfect for interaction. The staff is also knowledgeable and friendly, and happy to explain the health benefits of the dishes in detail.

Whether you’re looking for a refined lunch with some colleagues, or a family meal outside home, or just planning to eat clean and healthy, then Bishin is one place you need to check out.


02, Le Thanh Ton, D1, HCMC, Vietnam

Tel: 028 3822 6673

Image source: Bishin

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