The Saigon Cigar Club

Located on the Lounge Level of Sorae Restaurant on floor 24 of the AB Tower in Saigon, The Saigon Cigar Club features a full-fledged member club, a beautiful, one of a kind, 400-cigar table humidor, and a well maintained selection of cigars and accessories. 

Founded by two friends with a passion for cigars, the lounge is a personal hobby that is open for all to visit and enjoy. They guarantee personally that 100% of the product they sell is authentic, without any exception. Their commitment makes the Saigon Cigar Club the best destination in Vietnam for truly authentic "xì gà"!


Drinking & Healing

The chic and refreshing Drinking & Healing Cocktail Bar is one of Saigon’s youngest contenders in the growing craft cocktail & mixology bar and lounge sector. In a rising sea of competition, this bar seems self-aware for its age, bringing a unique spin on weeknight drinks. And so far, it’s gotten many things right.

Drinking & Healing Cocktail Bar

The Ambiance at Drinking & Healing Cocktail Bar

Located in a 150-year-old colonial-style building just a short walk from the iconic Bitexco Tower in District 1, Drinking & Healing is a noteworthy addition to Saigon’s thriving craft cocktail scene . This intelligently designed venue combines elegance and urban with an air of relaxation that is unique in this thundering metropolis.

As you enter the bar, you are transported into a carefully-crafted downtempo vibe. Brick walls lead you past cast-iron shelves and dangling bike chains to a wide-space full of dark furniture and flickering tea lights. The music selection is also intentional: the sounds of Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, A Tribe Called Quest and other legendary names in 90s hip hop make a bold statement to the main demographic it seeks to serve–– hip can be classy too.

Drinking & Healing Cocktail Bar

The wonderfully lit bar is great for solo parties or pairs. Couples on romantic date nights can find candle-lit seating throughout, and there are also a handful of tables for 3-5 people. Larger groups can occupy two couch seating areas, perfect for birthdays or cocktail gatherings. Another noteworthy feature is the series of small, intimate balconies with room for two or three people, each with a stunning view of the nearby Bitexco tower.

The modern minimalist approach to furnishing and decor eliminates distractions from the main thirst-quenching event: a massive, glowing craft cocktail mixology baradorned with hundreds of gleaming bottles. Bartenders and Mixologists in handmade leather aprons work their magic beneath large low-lit halogen bulbs. Whenever a signature mixology masterpiece or classic cocktail is ready to be served, it is placed on one of two spotlit platforms designed to make every drink look like a still from a television advert.

Food and Drink Menu at Drinking & Healing

The drink menu is spirited, to say the least at Drinking & Healing. They’ve got cocktail concoctions, bottles, and glasses of everything from Gin and Vodka to Whiskey and Wine.

With glasses ranging from around VND180,000 to over a million VND, the cocktails accommodate a range of budgets and tastes. Better yet, on the highly popular ‘Healing Days’ (Monday and Tuesday) the bar offers a sweet deal—VND 99,000 per hi-ball tumbler on four original whiskey cocktails! One go-to cocktail is the High Ball Sour Healing special. This smooth, bubbly Jim Beam cocktail is sweetened with sous-vide jackfruit and topped with egg foam and aromatic bitters, giving it an almost cream soda-esque taste.

Drinking & Healing Cocktail Bar

For whiskey connoisseurs in Saigon, there are a whopping 70 plus options of Scotch, Canadian, American, Japanese, and Irish whiskey selections to choose from.

People looking for something a bit lighter will be impressed by the gin and tonic spread. Served in your choice of a larger-than-life Copa de Balon or hi-ball tumbler, there are thirteen variations of this classic cocktail with flavour pairings of grapefruit and lemon to rosemary and green apple.

Add another 40 options of rum, vodka, gin, tequila, absinthe or cognac and 22 selections of wine from around the globe to the mix, and it's easy to see how Drinking & Healing can hold its liquor.

Drinking & Healing Cocktail Bar

Where the cocktail bar truly stands out is in the signature craft cocktail offerings, which showcase the mixology prowess of Drinking & Healing’s star mixologists. The cascading signature menu gives patrons a sense of adventure with options for taste profile, spirit, fruit, herbal and nut notes to choose from. Considering everything from the high-quality ingredients to one-of-a-kind presentation—these signature craft mixology cocktails are undeniably top-notch.

Burgers, Salads and International Food Options at Drinking & Healing Bar

The Burgers are prime beef real-estate in this mixology monopoly. A towering triple-patty Foie Gras burger and its distant cousin, the classic American double cheeseburger, are easily on par with other gourmet burgers in town. Luckily there’s no shortage of craft cocktails to wash them down.

Check Drinking & Healing’s Facebook page to find out about their new burgers, which will be coming out for Christmas and New Year!

Drinking & Healing Cocktail Bar

If you’re not drooling yet, there’s also a small but impressive menu of food pairings. Animal fries (potato wedges smothered in cream cheese and jalapenos) or crisp truffle fries dusted in parmesan cheese, prawn Ceviche, fried chicken wings, baked buttons mushrooms, and other snacks are some of the cocktail pairings available.

What People Say About Drinking & Healing

People on Trip Advisor are pleasantly surprised by Drinking and Healing bar and lounge. With 67 percent Excellent and 33 percent Very Good ratings, the cocktail bar has zero negative reviews! Patrons all seem to be pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere, menu, and overall dining and drinking experience. Clearly, Drinking and Healing is on its way to becoming a favourite craft cocktail and mixology spot for the local and foreign business class.

What City Pass Guide Says About Drinking & Healing

Drinking & Healing is ideal for an office worker looking for a great after-work drinking hole or locals or foreigners looking for a laid-back yet hip and elegant place to decompress from the hustle and bustle. The vision of the owners is communicated so clearly through the entire consumer experience from door to drink and beyond. Expert mixology inspired cocktails crafted with excellent precision and presentation, plus a laid-back urban vibe makes Drinking & Healing a mixology powerhouse that speaks to a promising future for high-quality craft cocktails in Saigon.



Level 23 Wine Bar

Perched on the 23rd floor of Sheraton Saigon, Level 23 Wine Bar enjoys a comfortable spot among the popular rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh City. Technically not a wine bar, Level 23 however has a more than adequate wine cellar.

View Level 23

You can catch the awesome Saigon sunset in a quiet, unpacked environment on weekday evenings. If the pinnacle of nightlife in Saigon for you is a great sunset view, a quite atmosphere and some smooth cocktails, then Level 23 should be on your must-visit checklist in Ho Chi Minh City.

Scenic view

The daytime view is quite a sight – the positioning of the bar ensures views of all the prettiest skyscrapers and a good chunk of the Saigon River, along with the many little colourful apartment blocks scattered everywhere. If you sit just right, the bar’s pillars should provide enough glare protection.

From 8 p.m. onwards, Tuesday to Sunday, Level 23 Nightspot opens its door to let the DJ music from the indoor lounge flow into the al fresco area. For those preferring a more sedate evening, Mondays are recommended.


Chill Skybar

The original open-air rooftop club and bar in Ho Chi Minh City, Chill Skybar is a Saigon staple, attracting crowds of stylish socialites, businessmen, party-goers and tourists looking to let loose 26 storeys above ground.

Few have not heard about Chill Skybar. AB Tower’s crown jewel occupies the entire 26th floor, covering both an indoor lounge and an outdoor bar-and-party space.

Chill Skybar Saigon

Attracting big-name DJs, global artists (singers, dancers, mixologists) and brand ambassadors and with a constant flow of themed international events, Chill Skybar is relentlessly pumping out new reasons to visit its exclusive vantage point, at any time of night – from ladies nights to weekly SHOWSTOPPER events and hip-hop takeovers.

One of the most popular promotions at Chill is an exclusive offer to all female guests! Every Wednesday, check out Beauty & Essence. From 9.30 p.m. till late, all ladies can enjoy exclusive cocktail special offers for a night of high class drinking and dancing fun in the Saigon sky.

Party in the most seductive way, every Saturday at Soirée Champagne Shower and take advantage of the daily Panorama View Happy Hour from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., where you can enjoy delicious drinks and snacks, starting at just VND 88,000++.

In addition to superb promotions, Chill Skybar offers the very best in nightlife entertainment in Saigon. In particular, don’t miss the weekly Friday SHOWSTOPPER events - expect the unexpected with incredible ‘show stopping’ performances for the ultimate in nighttime enjoyment.


The main draw has always been – and will always be – Ho Chi Minh City’s million-light skyline, with the sail-shaped Bitexco Tower looming over and the outstanding views dominated by the twisting traffic and teeming life below.

AB Tower has a knack for shaping venues around distinctly chic concepts. Chill Skybar is somewhere between the 90s trance scene version of the future and a vodka commercial. Even the bathrooms can be mistaken for miniature clubs, with profuse LEDs and utopian architecture.

Chill Skybar Saigon

Music transitions from recorded chill-out music from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. to late night live DJs playing hip-hop, EDM and Top 40 commercial hits.


With grand views and grandiose décor comes great [monetary] responsibility. It’s much easier to get the socially-attuned staff laughing along with you if you come with company and occupy a table, or if you arrive with ticket-in-hand, than if you simply want a peek at the skyline.

Bartenders themselves are selected for Chill, based on experience and panache alone and are highly trained to produce the very best beverages for every guest. Each expert bartender has at least four years of experience under their belt.

Chill Skybar Saigon

Service is prompt and professional, albeit somewhat cool when compared to something more low-key. But it’s what’s expected, the closer you get to space.

The high level of service at Chill Skybar continues even with the security staff, who are friendly, courteous and professional - always focused on the safety and well-being of each customer.


Your experience largely depends on the night’s event, crowd and what’s playing. Certain factors are constants however, and build the base experience, no matter what night you come. Namely, the cocktails and service. Since the latter has been covered, let’s dive into Chill Skybar’s primary motivation – mixology.

Signature house cocktails all snuggly fit into a “fusion” category. Which in Chill’s case would be predominantly Western spirits and ingredients mixed with traditional Vietnamese elements.

Chill Skybar Saigon

Western ingredients would include things like: classic spirits, rosemary, cardamom, thyme and pink peppercorn. Vietnamese ingredients would be along the lines of: lemongrass, ginger, mango and other tropical fruits.

If you desire, the skilled bartenders are also flexible enough for custom cocktails, if you have a recipe or flavour profile in mind.

Asian Temptation

Their signature cocktail, Asian Temptation, is one of the top choices at Chill Skybar. The creative combination of Vodka, Sake and Passion Fruit is sure to make you and your friends order a second round. This sexy signature cocktail is included as part of Chill Skybar’s Happy Hour.

Chill Skybar Saigon

13th Street Daiquiri

Only available during Chill Skybar’s cocktail promotion “Shaken or Stirred - Artistry Mixology” from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., the 13th Street Daiquiri is a delightfully designed cocktail for a refined palate. This beverage is known as a ‘trolley cocktail’, since it is quite literally created and served to you direct from a trolley by your own personal mixologist.

Chill Skybar Saigon


For when partying works up your appetite, just head up the LED stairs to the fantastic Chill Dining on the 27th floor. With an emphasis on superb steak and seafood, choose from a modern a-la-carte menu, including the addition of 34 brand new, mouthwatering dishes.

Chill Skybar Saigon

Using premium ingredients from around the world, offerings such as Angustus Platinum Ribeye, Kagoshima “Kamichiku” Wagyu, and Chill Private Label Caviar by Kaviari are sure to delight your taste buds. Add in paired fine wines, premium spirits and champagne, plus the gorgeous backdrop of the stunning Saigon city views and you will have an exceptional culinary experience at Chill Dining.

What People Say

Reviews on TripAdvisor are mixed, but mostly fall between Very Good and Excellent. Near unanimous praise is given for the expansive view and drink reviews range from good to great. There are only a couple of complaints on the dress code (Chill Skybar allows shorts, but still no gym or sports shorts, tank tops, or flip flops. They do, however, lend shoes free of charge). Otherwise, people enjoy the vibe and the music at Chill Skybar. Some label it as their favourite nightspot in Ho Chi Minh City.


Vertical Sky Bar

Since opening in November, Liberty Central Saigon Riverside Hotel’s newest endeavor sports a chic and trendy design welcoming guests from near and far. Situated on the rooftop of the 4-star hotel in the heart of downtown, take in the sights and sounds of the city and riverview below.


Atrium Lounge

Step into this comfortable setting, unwind and escape from the sights and sounds of the city. Offering an innovative assortment of signature cocktails and upscale food, located in the heart of downtown, it’s an ideal spot to meet up with friends or co-workers after a long day of work.


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