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When you go on the search of great wine, you need to find people with a passion for good wine pushing for better standards. You’ll find none better than Saigon stalwarts Finewines. For over 20 years this small shop has been serving walk-in and corporate clients with an unrivalled range of the best wines the world has to offer. The company now operates in both HCMC and Hanoi and continues to trailblaze the best wine available nationwide.

Brief History of Wine in Vietnam

From the restaurants of District 1 to the supermarkets throughout town, Saigon today is overflowing with fine wine from the world over. However, it may surprise you to know that top-quality wine used to be a rare find in Saigon. A mere 10 years ago you would be hard pushed to find a Bordeaux yet alone anything more exotic.

Vietnam, despite its colonial ties to France, never really adopted wine culture, preferring instead to stick to high-power rice wine… often adorned with some sort of fermenting animal or plant for ‘flavour’.


While such beverages are still popular, especially outside of city centres, there is a trend among the young and old alike for better quality grape wine. Older customers flock to quality red wines for the antioxidant health qualities while the young are drawn to wine for the cultural cache good wine lends them.

A Passion for Good Wine

Finewines was born of a passion for the best and has been consistent in pushing for better wine across the board. From supermarkets to the best hotels in the country, Finewines is behind the best wine on offer. Caravelle, Sofitel, Hyatt, Sheraton and Marriott hotels are all long-standing customers, but the scope of their business is such that the firm supplies places you may shop in every day.

The company’s passion to see Vietnam transform into a place that truly values and cherishes the joys of a decent bottle of wine is the strongest in the market, and the team works tirelessly to improve wine selections wherever they can.

Globally Sourced Wines

Finewines’ sourcing team roves the globe for the best wines, and the shop now imports select wines from nine top wine-producing countries. The French wines on offer are particularly impressive given, for example, the five year wait the company had to endure just to buy a single bottle of Confuron-Cotetidot.

But their perseverance is your gift, and now, thanks to their dogged persistence the best France, and the world, has to offer is within your reach.

Fine wine in general is undoubtedly a luxury item, and the wares at Finewines are no exception. However, with bottles starting at around VND 200,000, it is possible to experience expertly sourced, immaculately stored wine on a relatively low budget. Those with a little more money in their pocket will probably enjoy the company’s bottles more, though, as they will have the opportunity to try the wide variety of vino available within VND 500,000-3,000,000.

The Best Brands and Varieties

Finewines excels on the back of its unbeatably strong portfolio of wines. The Bordeaux and Burgundy offerings in particular are phenomenal, with top regions represented throughout.

Of particular note are: Chateau Pavie, Angelus, Chet Mouton Rothschild and Belair Monange. In addition to these fine varieties, here are some others you can buy at Finewines.


This beautiful Merlot has soft, velvety tannins and a singular flavour that includes hints of dark fruit, black olives, dark chocolate and rich earth. This is a wine that can be enjoyed whether it’s straight from the cask or aged 50 years. And you can get it here for VND 75,000,000.

Casanova Di Neri Brunello di Montalcino Tenuta Nuova

This playful wine has a lot of spice, balsamic notes and ripe fruit character. However, stay tuned for some readily perceptible walnut undertones as well. Expect a full to medium body and a compressed structure of ripe tannins and layers of fruit, all with a vibrant finish. Enjoy a bottle of this for VND 3,000,0000.


This Maipo Cabernet was harvested in Puente Alto in 1999. Only 480 cases were made in 2014, which is about half of the usual amount for a vineyard, so it’s understandable that this wine is highly coveted today. You can enjoy this wonderfully subtle, nuanced, floral and textured wine at Finewines for VND 7,097,000.

The shop is also an exclusive Vietnam retailer for right-bank Bordeaux trail blazers Jean-Pierre Moueix and for deluxe glassware brand Riedel. Along with Beringer and Errazuriz wines, there is nowhere else in the country selling these fine products. Now you know where to go!


The shop is an exclusive Vietnam retailer for right-bank Bordeaux trail blazers Jean-Pierre Moueix and for deluxe glassware brand Riedel. Along with Beringer and Errazuriz wines, there is nowhere else in the country selling these fine products. Now you know where to go!

Exclusive Wine Dinners

Aside from their fabulously well-stocked shop and off-tray service the company shines in its on-tray pursuits. Through corporate partners, Finewines runs the best wine dinners in the city, with the absolute best wines served expertly to select, exclusive parties.

With headcounts of no more than 30 people at luxury venues such as the Caravelle Hotel, the best wines they have to offer are served with the perfect food to ensure an unforgettable and blissfully indulgent evening.

Similarly, for weddings and special events, the company offers a pairing service, allowing you to rest assured that your event will rise to occasion with perfectly suited wine and food combinations courtesy of the knowledgeable and endlessly helpful expert staff.

Also in their events services package is an exquisite decorating and accessorising service, in which they strive to ensure that your wine service sings with class and style at your event.

Professional Service

The small yet highly motivated team of shopkeepers, sourcing experts, sales workers and representatives pride themselves on their excellent customer service and within a few minutes of visiting their flagship store on Hai Ba Trung you will see why. Welcoming, informative and driven by a clear love of the wine they sell, the team makes the shipping process a breeze.


As their representative at Hai Ba Trung, Ms Huong Tran says, “We pride ourselves on many things but none more than this: our wine is fine and our team is professional.”


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