museums IN SAIGON

The interesting history of Saigon is kept alive in several amazing museums throughout Ho Chi MInh City. Whether you are interested in the American War or fine art, include a visit to one or more museums in your city tour itinerary.

The National History Museum in District 1 is one of the must-see attractions of Ho Chi Minh City. It displays a variety of ancient artifacts and other items, that tell about the history of Indochina.

Most tourists visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, an underground network where the Vietnamese resistance lived and tormented the invaders. A part of the construction has been widened, so even bigger visitors from western countries fit in and move through the webbed tunnels.

Ho Chi MInh City’s Fine Arts Museum is definitely worth a visit. There is a collection of ancient relics, one of the first wooden elevators of Saigon and artworks from the King Generation to the present.

Other must-see museums of Saigon include the Ho Chi Minh Museum, located next to the harbor where famous Uncle Ho started his journey that changed Vietnam forever.

Every tourist visiting Vietnam, usually takes  a look at the War Remnants Museum. It shows not only remnants, but also the gruesome torture methods that were applied to prisoners of war. One section of the museum is especially memorable: It depicts the aftermath of Monsanto’s Agent Orange, a devastating chemical used by the Americans against the people of Vietnam during the war. The haunting images of deformed children show one thing clearly: War is hell.

What one destroys, another one has to mend. The FITO Museum in Ho Chi MInh City is dedicated to the history of Vietnamese medicine. Over 3000 items of medical purposes, some dating back to the Stone Age, as well as samples of traditional Vietnamese medicine are displayed here.

The interesting Women’s Museum shows historical fashion and jewelry items. It gives information about Vietnamese culture, the roles and struggle of women throughout history. It also covers the part Vietnamese women played during the revolution.

The Ho Chi MInh City Museum shows some archeological evidence, but mainly photographic material that depicts the resistance of Vietnam against the French and Americans.

museums IN SAIGON