markets IN SAIGON

From clothes and jewelry to fresh produce, markets in Ho Chi Minh City offer an endless range of products for the cheapest prices.

As one of Vietnam’s top attractions, markets in Ho Chi Minh City are as varied as they are vibrant. Tourists from across the globe visit this thriving metropolis to browse its many halls of commerce, from high-end shopping mall to traditional marketplace, drawn in by the city’s famous deals and discounts. We all love a bargain!

But cheap prices aren’t the only perk of shopping in Saigon. The city’s many traditional and tourist marketplaces offer an array of fashion, glittery jewelry, fresh produce and wholesale gems to tantalize even the staunchest of buyers. The sheer variety of goods seems almost endless! From the perfect souvenir to that hat you never knew you needed, Ho Chi Minh City is a wonderland of commercial possibility. And no matter what you’re after, Ho Chi Minh City has the market for you.

Ben Thanh Market is the perfect place for souvenirs, and the place to go for anything with a big ‘Saigon’ stamped across it. Patience and bargaining are key to shopping at this spot, since without price tags it can be easy to overspend. Many stalls sell the same thing so don’t forget to look around before you buy - if your salesman demands VND 200,000 for your baggy elephant pants, chances are the stall two feet away will charge less!

For a cultural immersion into every day Ho Chi Minh City life, follow the locals to one of the many more traditional markets around the city. Of these, perhaps the most fascinating is Binh Tay market in District 5. Situated in what is widely known as the Chinese sector of town, called Cholon, this market offers fresh local produce, the usual plethora of clothes, hats and jewelry, as well as a variety of wholesale spices and household necessities. There is nothing generic about Binh Tay, and the vendors are a lot less blunt than those of famous the Ben Thanh Market. Exploring the backstreets behind the market complex is also a fascinating activity.

Most traditional markets in Ho Chi Minh City open early in the morning, and though they remain open all day, opening time is the best time to visit. Fresh produce is less than fresh under a midday Vietnamese sun and all the best deals have been dealt after the first hour or so. But conversely there is one market that only opens at night! Situated on Le Loi, Saigon’s famous Ben Thanh Night Market offers a range of exciting colors, tastes and smells. Browse the clothing stalls for cheap tops and sweaters, grab some delicious hot sticky rice or sit down for a full BBQ dinner. Be sure not to miss the incense, fresh fruits or creative handicrafts! This market is smaller and less crowded than most, and a great way to spend an evening in Ho Chi Minh City.

markets IN SAIGON