churches IN SAIGON

Due to the French colonial past of the South of Vietnam, there is a selection of historical churches and cathedrals you can include in your tour itinerary for sightseeing and taking pictures.

The most prominent cathedral in Ho Chi MInh City is Notre Dame de Saigon, which, like most churches and cathedrals in Ho Chi Minh City, has been constructed by the French during the colonial era. It is right opposite of the Central Post Office, has a quite interesting history and is a popular sight on Saigon city tours.

The pink Tan Dinh church is the second largest church of Ho Chi MInh City and located in the center of the Tan Dinh fabric market area. During Christmas time, there is a small, but colorful Christmas market right next to it. If you think that nothing can beat the flashing, blinking, sparkling lights of the Saigonese streets throughout the year, then visit Tan Dinh Christmas market!

Ky Dong church in District 3 is one of the city’s biggest churches. Once it had engulfed an entire city block. The church area has been downsized, but still features a school, shops and other things.

Huyen Sy church is among the largest churches as well and over a century old. The small windows keep the building cool, even during the tropical heat waves from February to May. Built in the style of European cathedrals and located at the crossroads of Ton That Tung and Nguyen Trai street in Ho Chi Minh City's District 1, Huyen Sy church is named after the grandfather of queen Nam Phuong, the wife of Vietnam's last king. He is buried in the church in a luxurious marble tomb.

If you travel in Ho Chi Minh City and decide to include one or more of Saigon’s churches and cathedrals into your tour itinerary, bring your camera! The architecture of the historic buildings is quite stunning at times. Just be respectful of the people inside when snapping.

churches IN SAIGON