The Saigon Opera House

The Saigon Opera House is one of the two top venues in Vietnam to listen to opera and classical music. The other one is the Hanoi Opera House.

One of Ho Chi Minh City's most prominent landmarks, the Saigon Opera House was custom built in 1897 by the French architect Eugene Ferret. In 1955 it was transformed into South Vietnam's Assembly House and has undergone several refurbishments since. It is only open to the public during events.

Sightseeing and Relaxation

Great photo opportunities await travelers who seek out the Saigon Opera House, as the building is a fine example of French colonial architecture. Take a seat and watch the action of Saigon whiz by. The Opera House is surrounded by a wide, tree-lined boulevard which is so oddly European that you may need to remind yourself that you are in Ho Chi Minh City, not Paris.

Saigon Opera House

Performances and Tickets

The best way to experience this legendary monument is by enjoying one of their shows. The Ho Chi Minh City Ballet Symphony Orchestra and Opera performs here. The currently most famous show you can watch at the Saigon Opera House is the AO Show, a blend of Cirque du Soleil and traditional Vietnamese elements.

To buy a ticket , you can go directly to the venue, in District 1, or book at every travel agency in Ho Chi Minh City.

For information on performances and actual events at the Opera House, check out their website at Ho Chi Minh City Ballet Symphony Orchestra and Opera or visit the box office which is open every day from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Entrance Fee

Since the Opera House is only open to the public during events and performances, there is no actual entrance fee. Simply purchase a ticket for one of the shows. The price varies, depending on time, event and seat.

History of The Saigon Opera House

This famous landmark was built in 1897 by French architect Eugène Ferret, who also was responsible for the beautiful  Sanremo Casino on the Italian riviera, as the Opėra de Saigon. The 800 seats of the Saigon Opera House served the Lower House assembly of South Vietnam after 1956. 1975 the building served it's true purpose as a theatre again and was restored one more time in 1995.

Building Activities

At the moment, the construction site for the upcoming subway is dominating the area.


Saigon Central Post Office

One of HCMC's most popular attractions, Saigon Central Post Office is the largest post office in Vietnam.

Built between 1886 and 1891 by renowned architect Gustave Eiffel, the building’s vaulted roof and arched windows are reminiscent of early European railway stations. An enormous picture of Ho Chi Minh overlooks proceedings.

Sightseeing & Shopping

Even if you don't have a bundle of postcards to send to the relatives back home, you should still drop into Saigon Central Post Office to admire its interior. Check the working phone booths, and the beautiful, handpainted maps on either side of the interior walls that depict Saigon and the surrounding area in 1892, and the former telegraph lines of Cochin China. Souvenirs stalls off either side of the entrance sell the usual memorabilia, including a large selection of fictional "Tintin in Vietnam" covers.

Posting a Letter

This is very much a working post office. You can send letters and parcels (don't wrap them up till you're at the counter), change money, buy stamps and books, and browse a good selection of collector coin and stamp sets. Across the street from Saigon Central Post Office lies Notre Dame Cathedral, so you can explore and photograph both sights in the one visit.

Opening Hours & Entrance Fees

Opening hours: From 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

These are the opening hours for the working post office if visitors plan to post letters and parcels. For sightseeing however, the building may be accessible until later in the day.

Entrance fee: Free

New Color of the Saigon Central Post Office

The Central Post Office got its new paint job at the end of 2014, but many people are unhappy about it. While the new color sets a nice contrast to the red Notre Dame Church, it is too overwhelming for most.


Saigon beauty

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