The Spa at New World Saigon Hotel

The Spa at New World Saigon Hotel understands their customer base. The know the high-tension businessmen and women that stroll through their doors on the 2nd floor of the 5-star hotel feel a bit like Atlas sometimes, holding the world on their shoulders as they run from task to task with little time to unwind.

City Pass sent a few of our wound-up, red-eyed content writers to sample some of The Spa’s signature services and assess the environment, skills, products and overall experience.

More than anything, it’s the masseuse’s attitude that makes The Spa somewhat different from its competitors. While the spas we’ve recently assessed ranged in skill, technique and products, the masseuses were usually silent. 

This may be preferable in some cases. But having a masseuse who knows how to calm you down, make you comfortable and even make you laugh with a bit of soft chatter can elevate a good massage to an excellent one. Obviously, this is a personal preference.

Each masseuse inquires whether the lighting, music, aroma and ambiance are well suited. They shape the space to match your own vision of unperturbed peace. English skills are more developed than in most spas around the city, and the masseuses dutifully ask if everything is to your liking.

We were surprised how much this increased our enjoyment of the services. Even small talk, or an occasional inquiry can make the difference in a spa environment.

Four massage rooms for men and six for women line the hallways. Each is a cozy abode, low lit and intimate.

Skills vary from masseuse to masseuse. Some may be able take on thick-skinned guests while others have a gentler touch. We recommend you state your preferences at the start so that you are matched with an appropriate masseuse. Otherwise, you might be under or overwhelmed by the strength of the massage.

The older staff has been trained by Thai masseuses from Thann, their featured product provider.

We found the skills to be up to standard, but not overly technical in terms of technique. They are more than proficient with their product use, however, and are well versed in an effective combination of oils, creams, scrubs, toners and masks.

The Spa uses high-end Thann products, along with natural ingredients such as turmeric and rice bran. All work well, and the difference afterwards is noticeable. Our aromatic massage and facial left us with a soft, radiating glow, while the body scrub resulted in smoother, suppler skin.

We experienced the Refreshment Spa Package (a purifying facial and aromatic massage) and a signature body scrub. Before beginning treatment, we were ushered to the locker room to change and have a brief session in the steam and sauna rooms to open our pores.

Our masseuses then met us at the door and led us to our low-lit, intimate rooms.

Refreshment Spa Package (120 minutes VND 2.1 million per person):

  • The masseuse sat us down and dipped our feet into warm water mixed with cinnamon and Dead Sea salt to lightly wash our feet. This was a nice touch.
  • There are three choices of scented massage oils: Oriental Essence (lemongrass), Sea Foam (peppermint) and Aromatic Wood (orange and tangerine). We chose Oriental Essence for the lovely smell.
  • The aromatic massage put us in an elevated state of ease, and our masseuse was attentive to our requests to lessen or increase their pressure on our bodies.
  • For the facial, we were given a series of products, starting off with the Thann Facial Cleanser with shiso and green tea extracts for smoothing and cleansing the skin.
  • The Thann Oatmeal Face Scrub was applied next. The scrub exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells.
  • A Thann Astringent Toner with shiso and algae extracts was then used. Toner refines pores and unevenly textured skin.
  • Thann Facial Massage Cream with rice bran oil, shiso and sweet extracts was used to firm and moisturize the skin for a softer, healthier look.
  • The Thann Detoxifying Clay Mask was applied to help absorb toxins and clean the dirt embedded in our pours.
  • Finally Thann Rice Extract Cream was used to provide relief from dry skin.
  • Feeling ethereal and radiating a natural glow, we received a tropical fruit juice afterwards.

Signature Skincare Treatment (50 minutes VND 900,000 per person):

  • This was a traditional Vietnamese body scrub. The next day, we started off with another session at the steam and sauna rooms before being led into our respective quarters.
  • A mixture of turmeric, rice bran and milk was applied to our entire body.
  • A cool concoction of yogurt and honey was then applied. These natural ingredients nourish, moisturize and strengthen the skin.
  • A plastic sheet was wrapped around us for ten minutes. While slightly hot, this actually makes the skin absorb the nutrients faster and makes the treatment much more effective.
  • After a six-jet shower in the locker room, we left glowing like newborns.

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