Built in 1925, Hotel Majestic in Saigon’s District 1 is a remarkable reminder of the city’s colonial past. Entering this grand old lady does feel like taking a step back in time. A building with an interior that almost feels like a set from a neo-noir film, will make you curious to know more about the MClub, an inhouse casino at the hotel’s mezzanine level.

Opened around the turn of the century, the spacious casino boasts a very warm interior, accented by coloured lights and a general feeling of brightness. It exudes a positive charm that can only be appreciated by guests who are looking for a safe space to try their luck.


With a host of well-oiled gaming slot machines available, what sets MClub apart is the variety of machines that represent different eras. For guests who like the feel of pressing buttons and hearing the sounds of a slot machine, you can find the vintage first generation machines. For those who want something newer, the state-of-the-art, next generation machines come in sleek designs with LED-accented touch-screen panels. For those who are in between, there are also machines that straddle both the vintage feel and the use of algorithm to determine your fate.


MClub operates on a gaming voucher system, meaning your winnings are recorded on a card that you hold. It also hosts a lucky draw that takes place every alternate day meaning the longer you stay, and the more games you play, the higher your probability of winning something.

For those who are looking for a challenge, MClub hosts a few promotions. The Saturday Night Frenzy Lucky Draw provides a monthly giveaway of cash and promo tickets, which allow you credits to participate, and win cash.

The Happy Slot Lucky Draw happens on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays where you stand a chance to win promo tickets worth up to $5000.

Every Friday, the club hosts Friday Night Fever where players who achieve points get to try their hand at a lucky spin with prizes in promo tickets worth up to $500.

Besides the slot machines, guests who prefer card games can also try their luck with the baccarat machines. There is also a multiplayer, fully-automated system available for roulette smack in the middle of the club.


Besides the gaming stations, the club features a refreshment area where guests can have a drink or two to unwind and chill and the entire facility is well-guarded with a team of security professionals, as well as a strong surveillance system. The focus is, of course, on safety and comfort for the guests.

The layout of the game stations also provides plenty of space with seats available for guests who would prefer to be in a quiet setting. Overall, it is a very quiet, comfortable and safe space that’s open 24 hours a day.


What City Pass Guide Says

One of MClub’s biggest pull factors is its location. Located right at the turn of Dong Khoi Street, the hotel is easily accessible. The fact that the casino is open twenty-four hours a day can make it an option for those wanting to try their luck at any hour deemed auspicious. Even if it’s an excuse for a 3 a.m. insomnia run.

The friendly and professional staff is always on hand with a smile to guide you, and do look out for the seasonal promotions with some very outstanding prizes to be won. It’s important to note that until new laws come into effect only players with foreign passports (no Vietnamese) are allowed into the casino.