Club V: An E-Gaming Paradise

There are few places in Ho Chi Minh City where you can walk in with little money and leave with an undeserved small fortune.

Then again, Club V isn’t like many other places.

Whether your game is slots, blackjack, baccarat or roulette, the guys behind Club V make a strong case for why it should be your spot of choice, from the lively and luxurious interior to the in-house bar’s international cuisine. What’s more, the club holds regular drawings with handsome prizes, meaning that your odds of abundance are a bit healthier here than in most places in Saigon.

The Two Routes to Riches

Club V may reward you with riches even if you whiff each of your bets.

Club V’s player vies for earnings from his or her individual slot game, as well as for a chance at the larger cash bounties, which are given to gamers randomly and regularly in contests. In addition to the potential payouts visitors of Club V get from from their slot machines, just being in the building gets them a chance at a handsome prize, usually in the thousands.

club v

Let me state that more clearly: not “thousands” like the cost of your Vietnamese coffee—“thousands” as in a bevvy of Unites States greenbacks. Prizes worth tens of thousands of US dollars are given away in contests regularly.

Written on a large board in neon marker you’ll see the previous bounties teasing visitors with past prizes. Just a few days before I visited, the club gave away three prizes that totalled nearly US$40,000.

So even if lady luck isn’t at your side at the blackjack table, you might walk out with enough to winter in Europe, just by showing up.

Game in Style

Take the mirrored gold elevator doors at the Pullman Saigon Center, which take visitors down to Club V. The doors open and the lucky guest finds 62 slot machines standing at attention in rows, each with a cream-colored, high backed leather chair ready to receive a player.

Like any mature metropolis, there are many gaming facilities throughout the city, but Club V might be a standout thanks to its modern interior.

The club’s four main games—blackjack, baccarat, roulette and slots—are housed in a spacious, carpeted layout comparable to something you’d see in the club’s namesake US city, gaming capital Las Vegas. The slot machines are polished, modern stewards of licentious conduct, and the facility’s evocative decor—like its light that spans nearly the entire roulette room ceiling, a stream of gold defying gravity—and novel, polished interior are a break from the Ho Chi Minh City that you know.

club v

Club V also runs two contests focussing on one particular game every month.

Clients who play at Club V and wish to make it part of a regular routine are invited to become members. The club’s membership program offers perks like free stays at the Pullman Saigon Center hotel, airfare and spa service when they do well. Membership and rewards are offered at levels with incentives of different sizes. If you’re on a winning streak, you’ll get access to higher membership status and bigger prizes.

Gambling has been provisionally legalised for Vietnamese, but gamers here are predominantly an international cohort. Club V’s members hail from all over the region, including Thailand and Japan.

A Spread Fit for a Winner

Attendees are treated to the in-house bar and restaurant conveniently located inside Club V to minimise breaks between gaming sessions. The restaurant specialises in international cuisine Chinese and Korean food. Players at rest can dine on Korean Gimbap—a bit size sushi-like dish—or baked ribs served in a sweet-and-sour sauce with a side of rice.

club v

Dine with a side of fresh juice or one of their assortment of teas.

But who are we kidding, you’re at a casino. To keep spirits high, Club V serves a selection of wines and beer including Japanese import, Asashi.

The club’s full-service restaurant and lovingly done interior result in a careful combination of class and comfort, making it a perfect setting for business clients who have to entertain a prospective customer. Negotiating a transaction might be easier in a space where the bounty is so close.

How and When to Go

Stuck in Binh Duong? No sweat. A shuttle takes players to Club V on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

To plan your visit, keep an eye on Club V’s social media page where they regularly announce contests and promotions.

Stuck at work until 5 p.m.? Don’t worry, Club V’s doors never close. A 24-hour, 7-days-a-week schedule means the club and the cash are ready when you are.



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