dancing IN SAIGON

The Vietnamese love to dance, here it is as natural as a walk in the park. In fact it is in the parks that many Vietnamese people do actually dance. These informal gatherings are really great fun to join in with or even just to watch. People of all ages gather in some of the parks and dance the waltz. Le Van Tam Park in the heart of District 1 sees regular informal dances.

Swing Dancing is catching on and various bars and clubs are now having Swing Nights. La Habana Bar in District 1 has a Swing Class on Tuesday nights whilst Cafe Molinari also in District 1 has Wednesday nights covered. Fans of swing dance can stay in touch via their website Saigon Swing Cats.

Salsa is even bigger and has a strong following with dance classes just about every night. La Fenetre Soleil, the trendy Indonesian restaurant on Ly Tu Trong in the heart of the city, holds Salsa nights on Wednesdays. La Salsa Club on Nguyen Dinh Chieu in District 3 is a big player here, with classes on different nights of the week. So if Latin is your thing, there are plenty of alternatives.

Then of course there is the famous Saigon nightclub scene. Young people throughout the city flock to the many nightclubs, especially at the weekends. Apocalypse Now is known all over the world, Lush is well patronised and MGM, a coffee shop by day turns into a pulsating party atmosphere by night.

No matter what type of dance you are into, you should be able to satisfy those itchy feet in this city. Ho Chi Minh City is one of the most diverse and entertaining cities in all of Southeast Asia. They love their dance and are sociable by nature. Get those dancing shoes on and go for it.

dancing IN SAIGON