Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon

With its emphasis on quality and personalised service, the Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon is the “home away from home” of five star hotels in Saigon. Conveniently located on route from Tan Son Nhat International airport, the Eastin Grand is a favourite among business travellers, airlines and those who prefer to stay outside the chaotic tourist hubbub of Ho Chi Minh City’s central business and tourist district. It is also Ho Chi Minh City’s top wedding event provider, with its beautiful Grand Ballroom and professional catering staff.

The hotel, rebranded under Absolute Hotel Services’ “Eastin Grand” five star brand from the Movenpick in April 2015, is defined by its smiling staff and delicious food. The building itself is still in the process of renovation, with many plans for development starting in September this year, from a new hotel spa service beside the pool to new menus in their Cafe Saigon restaurant and a more comfortable, refined interior decor for the hotel’s public spaces. With its impeccable service and proactive attitude, the Eastin Grand is set to become the next big contender in Saigon’s five star market.

Rooms & Amenities

The Eastin Grand definitely has a “business” feel, which is appropriate given its main customer demographic are business people and airline staff. The rooms in this hotel are comfortable and tidy, offering all the amenities one might need without clutter or over decoration. They are also surprisingly quiet, especially given the hotel’s proximity to Ho Chi Minh City’s famous, 24/7 chaos.

The Eastin Grand Hotel offers six different types of rooms, catering to a range of guests. Of these room types the most popular are the Deluxe Rooms, with the Deluxe and Deluxe Premium being a favourite among businessmen and airline staff, and the Deluxe Family Room catering to the majority of the hotel’s family guests. The Executive and Grand Executive Suites offer the most comprehensive range of amenities, with an enhanced workstation and full access to the hotel’s Executive Club lounge, benefits and privileges. The most popular rooms are those with a pool view, but all rooms have a large floor-to-ceiling window which makes them consistently bright and welcoming regardless of whether they overlook the pool, the city or inside the hotel. Though their sizes and facilities differ, every room type has the same standardised range of quality amenities. Included in your stay at the Eastin Grand are the usual array of complimentary tea or coffee making facilities and fresh milk upon request, plenty of international plugs, Wi-Fi and an optional broadband connection, a guide to the hotel’s services and a variety of complimentary toiletries. The mini bar is well stocked, offering a range of soft drinks, beers and juices, and three little bottles of alcohol stand next to it. The hotel prides itself on its reasonable mini-bar prices. You can enjoy a beer or fruit juice for VND 60,000 - 75,000, a mini bottle of Chivas Regal 12 for VND 115,000, or a Toblerone for VND 60,000 and water is, of course, free. Nuts and savory snacks are also included on the mini-bar menu. There is also an in-room menu from which you can order a variety specially catered foods 24/7, with a daytime menu and a separate late-night menu from 11 p.m. to 6 p.m. Apart from a wide range of delicious desserts, the menu covers both Continental and Asian cuisines, from burgers, pizzas, pasta, grills and breads, to traditional Vietnamese, Thai and Indian noodles and curries. It also features Cafe Saigon’s signature dishes.

All rooms are carefully designed and maintained, with sparse but stylish furnishings and spotless surfaces. Though the furniture for each room is fairly standardised, each type of room has at least one piece of furniture unique to that room type and the Executive Housekeeping takes noticeable pride both in arranging rooms and in keeping them comfortable. The equipment and furnishings in all rooms are checked frequently and replaced or repaired as regularly as possible, and the cleaning staff are instructed to pay specific attention to a different area of the room every day, so at the end of the week the whole room has been meticulously scrubbed, on top of its daily cleaning.

The rooms are minimally furnished, and each piece of furniture has a specific purpose and is placed in a specific way with the guest’s maximum comfort in mind. Staff apply personalised touches when arranging the rooms ready for the next guest. For example, two bathrobes are hung in the room, one in the closet and one in the bathroom next to the shower for the guest’s convenience.

The TV has a wide variety of international channels that are listed on a TV guide beside the machine or on your bedside table so that you don’t have to leave your bed to work your TV. The workstation is equipped with broadband and Wi-Fi, and basic writing facilities are included. The bathroom is spacious and clean, with the option of shower, shower-bathtub or rain shower, and a detachable showerhead available in each. The water pressure of the showers is perhaps a little too gentle, but the temperature adjustments work well and the space itself is nice and wide.

But by far the most defining feature of the hotel’s rooms and facilities are their beds. Known for their firm but comfortable pillowing, the Eastin Grand Hotel has actually received requests from past guests for the purchase of its mattresses! They source their mattresses locally, using a provider that imports separate parts from across Asia to compile their ideal combination of support and downy malleability. The Executive Housekeeping explained that they also use no valance on their beds, placing the mattress directly onto a wooden bed-frame to create a balance between stability and softness.


Working under the motto “a home away from home”, the Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon is known primarily for its friendly, personalised but professional standard of service. Under the smiling eyes of the Executive Housekeeping, staff are focused on surpassing standardised five star quality with a range of personal touches, from the cleaning system and room maintenance to the restaurant service and reception.

The front desks are easy to see, easy to access, and offer quick, efficient service. Check-in and check-out times are as per usual - 2 p.m. check-in and 12 p.m. check-out - but late checkout and early check-in are available. Just ask at the front desk or call reception. A member of staff will show you to your room, which has been carefully arranged to make you feel comfortable, as per the hotel’s unofficial motto “a home away from home”.

This personal touch in room service and maintenance is what puts the Eastin Grand Saigon a notch above other five star establishments in Ho Chi Minh City. There are a range of specially designed switches next to the door as you enter your room, from a “room service” icon to a “do not disturb” red-light, which you can switch on or off as you wish. Staff are careful, always knocking when entering a room, and do not enter when the “do not disturb” light is on.

There is laundry service at a small cost, and though there are no complimentary welcome perks the rooms are equipped with top quality amenities to meet all your needs well.

Staff respond well to criticism since they are anxious to cater to their guests, though as mentioned above the maintenance process can be difficult given the popularity and rare vacancy of their rooms. If you have a question about the hotel in general the GM, long-term manager of first the Movenpick and now the Eastin Grand brand at this hotel, is both very well-informed and happy to discuss with you. Just ask for an appointment at the front desk. Free upgrades are available depending on the customer profile and availability, and late check-out is nice and flexible - for some groups a 24-hour check-out policy is applied, and it again depends on the guest profile and availability.


The Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon is also known for its wide range of dining options, but particularly for its main F&B facility - Cafe Saigon. The hotel sports five restaurants and lounges and offers a number of different international cuisines, including Cafe Saigon’s buffet mix, a Japanese restaurant called Iki, an outdoor patisserie and bakery, Tung Garden serving Chinese fine dining cuisine, and Slate Bar which is now in the lobby and serves a limited range of delicious cocktails, wines, spirits and beer. These establishments are popular with the hotel’s guests and customers from outside the hotel alike, and offer top-quality food in a casual dining setting. You can read more about Cafe Saigon here.


The Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon is one of Ho Chi Minh City’s top providers of events and MICE services. They are the top wedding space coordinators in the city, catering around 100 weddings every year in their Grand Ballroom, and holding a variety of other events such as wedding fairs and private functions. Live piano music brings light to the entrance of this beautiful big room, and a special catering team will provide delicious food and beverages for your event.

The Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon also has a wide range of meeting and board rooms equipped with all the standard MICE facilities, including an interactive smart board and writing equipment. Printing is available on-site at a small fee according to the size and quantity of your documents, and the F&B staff are careful to cater fresh, interesting canapes and bottled water to all MICE guests using their facilities.

Other facilities in the hotel include a gym and a pool, both of which have been carefully designed to cater to guests’ preferences. The pool uses a mix of saltwater and chlorine in its filtration system, and is kept beautifully clear and blue. It is surrounded by a high wall which blocks most of the noise from the city below, and is far above the city’s notorious motorbike and car fumes. A lifeguard is on standby all day. The gym is well-equipped with free weights, weight machines, cardio machines powered by Techno-gym and yoga or stretching mats, and is equally well maintained.

What People Say

Reviews are largely very positive for this 5 star gem, and the few negative ones are due to the current renovations as the hotel makes its transition from Movenpick to Eastin Grand. The hotel ranks well on Tripadvisor, with an 81% positive rating and 4 Tripadvisor bubbles.

Comments from guests focus mainly on the service at the hotel, which is gathering reputation as the best and most personalised among Saigon’s 5 star facilities. The Eastin Grand Saigon is marketing itself as a “home away from home”, focusing very much on the attentiveness and friendly approachability of its staff, and guests to the hotel definitely appreciate this. It is one of the top points of praise received by the Eastin Grand Saigon from the Tripadvisor community.

Other positive points mentioned include the hotel’s proximity to the airport and its consequent convenience as a stopover haven, or for business functions and MICE events; the vast range and quality food served at breakfast and dinner buffets; and finally the hotel’s unique, firm and luxurious mattresses.