Huong’s Jewellery

Huong has been in the business of jewellery making since she 18 years old, when she took over the family shop in Hanoi.

Before the the showcase that it is today, Huong’s Jewellery was part souvenir shop and part jewellery shop. As years went by and Huong took charge, the shop began to focus all resources on creating jewellery pieces.

With no formal education in jewellery making, Huong learned on the job. She had a silversmith in-house at the time, and she would design creations based on customer suggestions and advice, until she came into a style of her own.

Twenty-five years later, she is now the sole designer at the shop, with 15 people working under her direction to create a new collection every few months. Huong herself does the quality control, and still takes customer advice into consideration. Some designs are directly from customer requests.

Much of the jewellery is composed of high quality silver, which is imported from Sweden. It is bought in small beads that are about the size of rice grains, which are then melted by her silversmith and shaped by her team into the designs she envisions.

Pearls, rubies and sapphires are shipped in from all over Vietnam - with pearls in particular coming from Phu Quoc. These are good quality, but not top of the line, as Huong wants to make the jewellery affordable and wishes to focus on the silver.

Visiting one of Huong’s two stores, you will find continuously updated collections of earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets and more.

Customers often remark that the jewellery is difficult to match with other brands. Unique designs within a collection complement each other, and Huong’s pieces are more of a complete look than a compliment to something from another designer. Custom orders take into account customer appearance, age, size and so on.

Word of mouth travels fast, and her base of Japanese, Korean, Western and local customers grows month by month. Customers are attracted by the traditional, handmade appearance and the fine quality of silver in Huong’s collections.

The jewellery scene in Hanoi, and even Vietnam in general, is still behind more experimental jewellery markets in the West. Huong hopes to bring to the scene a fresh approach with the help of creativity and customer feedback, while keeping in touch with what the local market wants.

The challenge of fashioning unique collections while maintaining the limits of what’s accepted in Vietnam keep Huong’s passion aflame, and she wishes to continue to expand her store to others throughout Vietnam, eventually taking Huong’s multi-decade legacy to the world stage.


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