Tan My Design Promotions

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Tan My Design is one of Vietnam’s most recognised shops, featuring an exclusive collection of some of Vietnam’s most talented designers. Their wares include everything from homeware to art to silk items, all made with the utmost attention to quality. For October 2016, they are proud to present their backstory, as well as exciting announcements and promotions.

Tan My Design History and Mission

Located at the centre of the famous Old Quarter, on Hanoi’s famous silk street, our shop has become a national staple, offering an astounding array of clothing, art, homeware, jewellery and accessories. We began from humble beginnings in 1969, making personalised items such as handkerchiefs and pillow cases for loved ones during the American War. Through the years, our family has worked hard to grow Tan My Design into the country’s largest designer consignment shop.

 Tan My Design

Not only are we offering our own specialty products, but we also host some of Vietnam’s most influential designers. This gives both local and international designers and artists in Vietnam an unparalleled platform to display their collections to a high-end consumer market. Our mission is simple: to create the finest products using the most premium Vietnamese goods available.

October 2016 Promotions

This month we are proud to announce one of our biggest sales yet: we are giving 50-80% off on discontinued items, so come in and pick these up before they’re all gone! Bed linen, children's bed sets, pillowcases, cushion covers, tablecloths, runners, napkins, laundry bags and tissue covers are all on sale.

We also have three exclusive promotions for our shoppers: I Hate Fashion is giving a generous 50% off discount on all items; Ha Truong is having a massive sale, with 60% off all items; and Bianco Levrin is proudly announcing a special promotion of VND699,000 off their excellent silk items.

Finally, we have a special announcement from our good friends at Harmony.

Enjoy our October promotions!

I Hate Fashion

Enjoy 50% off all I Hate Fashion items. I Hate Fashion is the brainchild of a phenomenal group of clothing experts from around the world. With designers hailing from the UK, Finland, Germany, Poland, Spain and Portugal. They have firsthand experience working with some of the world’s leading brands like Topshop, COS, Mango, Fred Perry and Reiss, I Hate Fashion focuses on simple and trendy apparel that is comfortable and celebrates the compatibility of colours in fresh and innovative ways. Since they utilize the most cutting edge printing technology and eco-friendly ink, all their clothing items are of very high quality.

Ha Truong Collection

Get excited for Ha Truong’s 60% off sale! Inspired by traditional Vietnamese garments, this collection only uses cotton and silk. Ha Truong is known for handmade, high-end garments. Their brand motto is all about “dressing-up chic, while dressing down” and always maintains a strict focus on simplicity and the client’s personal style. Featuring mainly black and white colors, Ha Truong’s designs present a strong statement.

Bianco Levrin Fashion

Photo by www.mipap.it

Bianco Levrin Fashion is setting a single price of VND699,000 for 150 items of silk, velvet and cotton. This is exciting news for fans of superb Italian design. The Bianco Levrin team designs their clothes on the road from Milan to Hanoi, selling their wares at local markets and exhibitions. Their style is self-described as “chic with a touch of nonchalance, where each fashion piece is an individual creation aimed to combine comfort with design.” Their line includes luxurious handmade dresses, wraps, stoles, bags, jewellery and more.

October 2016 Announcements


Harmony Necklaces is the recent creation of multicultural designer and world traveller Dror Lam. Every one of her pieces is a unique combination of the finest materials. Natural resources such as buffalo horn, cinnabar, leather, silk and crystal, are combined with precious elements like jade, amethyst, onyx and moonstone. Harmony designers search the globe for the best Italian leather, French crystal, Chinese jade, Hong Kong pearls and Vietnamese lacquer to create a sophisticated one-of-a-kind look that so many adore. Each of their handmade pieces is characterised by its bold size, asymmetric balance and Eurasian unity.

Like us on our new Tan My Design Facebook page for more exclusive promotions and announcements! If you have any questions or comments, contact tanmyvietnam@gmail.com at any time.

Pan Pacific Hanoi Release New Mooncakes for 2019

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The peony has been considered a symbol of prosperity and royalty since ancient times. Inspired by the beauty and goodness of this flower, Pan Pacific Hanoi has launched a luxurious collection of mooncakes named "Nguyet Chieu Vinh Hoa". The image of the peony was not only used to create the noble pattern of the packaging, this year's mooncake boxes also bring a feeling of gentleness. The boxes, made from soft silk-like material of high quality, evoke the delicate touch of peony petals. 

Mooncake at Pan Pacific Hanoi

The mooncake collection offers a wide range of mooncake gift box options including 4 x small cakes, 8 x small cakes, 4 large cakes or 6 large cakes, as well as VIP boxes with tea, wines or special golden gifts included.

The cake boxes carry wishes of prosperity and happiness to your family, friends and partners during the Mid-Autumn Festival, promising to gently touch their hearts.

Mooncake at Pan Pacific Hanoi

This year, our mooncakes showcase six fillings: Lotus Paste with Yolk, Jambon Paste with Yolk, Green Bean & Chia Seed with Yolk, Melon with Yolk, Chestnut with Yolk and Chocolate with Cream Cheese. 

Mooncake at Pan Pacific Hanoi

Each mooncake is carefully handcrafted using the finest ingredients and baked to perfection.

Mooncake at Pan Pacific Hanoi

Exclusive offers:

- 01 complimentary mooncake box for every 10 boxes ordered by 12 August 2019.

- Great savings on purchases of 50 boxes or more.

- With a minimum purchase of 20 boxes, receive complimentary delivery within 5km from Hotel Pan Pacific Hanoi. 

- Complimentary personalized hot foil of your company logo. Or offered at a good price.

Pan Pacific Hanoi

1 Thanh Nien Road, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Mooncakes are available for purchase at our hotel lobby from 
10th July 2019 - 13th September 2019 

Prices start from VND 598,000 (VAT excluded)

For more information, please contact our hotline 090 177 8318
or visit our website: www.pacificmooncake.com.

Image source: Pan Pacific Hanoi

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