Quan An Ngon

With en ever-growing number of branches and a solid reputation for quality food, Quan An Ngon provides patrons with authentic Vietnamese cuisine from around the country, along with a delicate ambience and artful decor. The food is as delicious as the surroundings are elegant; this is a restaurant chain with a reputation for reliability and tastiness.

Quan An Ngon - Vietnamese restaurant Hanoi

The menu features the best of Vietnamese food, with Bun Bo Hue, Hanoi-style Banh Xeo and Nha-Trang-style grilled beef all making notable contributions to the wide range of dishes. The recipes are not far removed from the dishes you may find at street food vendors around Hanoi, but with the opulent settings and stellar service, the simple, traditional dishes take on new dimensions of tastiness.

The latest addition to the Quan An Ngon chain is located in the new Vincom Royal City, Hanoi’s glitzy emporium of shopping and eating. Quan An Ngon sits in the basement of this palace of commerce with class and style.

Quan An Ngon - Vietnamese restaurant Hanoi

Voted as one of the best restaurants in Asia by numerous magazines, Quan An Ngon is rapidly building its reputation for excellent food sold at reasonable prices. The chain is very popular with the booming Vietnamese upper-middle class, who flock here for the great food, fantastic service and convivial atmosphere.

Started by Gia Lam resident Pham Bich Hanh, Quan An Ngon was born from a desire to make Vietnamese food available to the world. Hanh learned her craft as a child cutting noodles at her grandfather’s pho stall, and after setting up her first phenomenally successful restaurant, began expanding the business to new locations. Now the chain is known and respected for its excellent food and stellar experience.

Quan An Ngon - Vietnamese restaurant Hanoi

When you go, try their Banh Xeo, a rice pancake stuffed with slivers of fatty pork, shrimp, diced green onion, and bean sprouts – you won’t be disappointed!


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