Luna d'Autunno Hanoi

The first Luna d'Autunno restaurant was opened in 1999, with a grand vision of serving excellent Italian cooking using quality ingredients from Vietnam and Italy. On 11 September 2016, Luna D'Autunno restaurant was selected as the winner of The Guide Awards 2015 - 2016.

Just from scanning the menu, you can tell Gino was passionate about introducing genuine Italian cuisine to his customers. The menu is comprehensive, with detailed ingredient descriptions and common Italian dish names explained. Those coming in for the first time may want to take a moment to explore the entire selection before jumping straight to the pizza or spaghetti, just to get a feel of what the place has to offer. A whopping seven Campari-based cocktails and a colorful medley of Italian pizzas give a sense of authenticity and passion.

As advertised, Luna uses fresh, excellent-quality ingredients, including affettati imported directly from Italy, along with exquisite use of various cheeses, homemade specialties and select local produce. Every dish is made to be big in flavor and presentation.

Luna d’Autunno also runs a business of importing products from Italy and distributing these among artisanal shops around Hanoi, as well as selling its own branded products.


The building has French and Italian influence, from the clean and classy colonial-era facade to the interior’s simple brick and beige wall design of a casual Italian eatery. There are three levels and two floors with seating, but each is intimately arranged so you feel cozy at your table.

Snazzy and intriguing art adorns the walls, giving a more contemporary edge to the otherwise comfortable brick-and-wood scheme. Low music and the overall surroundings give a bit of a bohemian feel to the eatery.

The crowd is mixed, with about a quarter being locals and the rest comprising of all walks of foreigners. This is one of the oldest Italian restaurants in Hanoi, but the great ambiance and hip modernity gives it an air of timelessness.


Polite, attentive and efficient. Everyone speaks English well. The menu is in Japanese, Vietnamese, English. The managers are highly knowledgeable on Italian cuisine and the ingredients used in each dish. From our time there, the service impressed us.

Food & Drinks

You are first served homemade soft white bread, with olive oil or vinegar on the side for dipping. (All prices are not inclusive of VAT.)

Carpaccio di salmone - VND 231,000
Fresh salmon carpaccio marinated with lemon and olive oil

The marinated pink strips of salmon are to be enjoyed with the homemade bread. The salmon is very soft and almost mushy from marination, making it a great companion to the white bread and a promising starter.

Pizza Parma - VND 250,000 | Pizza Bolognese - VND 220,000
Parma: Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese topped with parma ham and parmesan cheese flakes | Bolognese: Beef sauce pizza

Luna d’Autunno manages a very fine job getting their pizza crust thin enough not to detract from the top ingredients, but thick enough to give the pizza a distinct texture. The cheese is superbly melted and the oiliness is contained enough so to prevent a greasy feel. In fact, every ingredient feels clean, carefully chosen and of high quality - down to the homemade chili sauce (brought upon request). The parma pizza we had was some of the best we tried in Vietnam, and comes highly recommended. The Bolognese pizza was excellent as well, with quality homemade bolognese sauce that balanced beautifully with the cheese.

Ricotta Spinaci Pizza 

Ravioli Pavarotti - VND 231,000
Ricotta and spinach filled ravioli with tomato, olives, eggplant, topped with mozzarella

Strips of soft mozzarella are laid across lovingly made ravioli doused with tomato sauce. While the tomato sauce was a bit thin in flavor, the ravioli were flavorful and went exceptionally well with the mozzarella strips.

Semifreddo - VND 90,000
A semi-frozen dessert made with eggs, cream and caramelized almonds.

A fresh dessert that is a mix between light halva and ice cream with granulated almonds - a nice treat at the end of a meal.

Limoncello and Oro Nero

A surprise after a large meal - two hearty Italian liqueurs to lift spirits and send us away with warm feelings in our bellies. Quite strong, but flavorful.


What Could Be Improved

  • While it did keep us from overeating, the already great service could have been even better if the bread baskets were refilled without us asking for more bread.
  • The ravioli pavarotti’s tomato sauce seemed somewhat thin, and was the only (slight) drawback in an otherwise excellent meal.
  • The potential for great Italian wine pairings is here, but is not fully realized. It would have been great if someone was available to suggest appropriate wine and dish combinations.

What People Say

An even 100 reviews on TripAdvisor average a 4 star rating. Many praise the excellent food (especially the pizza) and the nice service. Many compliment the atmosphere as well. The restaurant is considered by some as a true hidden gem.


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