3 Spoons Restaurant

Less than a five-minute drive from the Vietnam National Convention Center and less than 40 minutes from the buzz of Hanoi's charming and historical old quarters, 3 Spoons is situated at the 62nd floor of Intercontinental Hanoi Landmark72.

Intercontinental Hanoi Landmark72 opened for guests last September. It is among the tallest hotels in the world and the uncontested champion of altitude in Southeast Asia, rewarding diners at 3 Spoons a marvellous panoramic 270° view of the capital city in its full glory.

Featuring a chic modern hardwood interior, high ceiling and abundant flow of natural light, 3 Spoons’ seating combines the essence of business and the familiar comfort of home for an exquisite dining experience. Feel at ease with 3 Spoons’ open-kitchen concept where guests are free to interact with the friendly crew while food is prepared before their eyes.

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3 Spoons’ international menu is a stunning blend of Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese classics. Chef Dat’s Italian calzone (folded-pizza) is generously stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, ham and tomato while the lusciousburrata and Parma ham pizza comes fresh out of a traditional Italian-style stone oven. Authentic Sichuan stir-fries and Cantonese dim sum classics such as Kung Pao chicken and Har Kau dumplingswith king prawns, are made fresh to order.

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Hanoi’s unforgettable specialities also receive a welcome revival at 3 Spoons. Vietnamese classics such asbeef or chicken pho, crystal prawn fresh spring rolls or deep fried prawn spring rolls make 3 Spoons the perfect venue to kickstart an exciting Vietnamese culinary adventure. The restaurant’s interpretation of Hanoi’s signature dish bun cha, or barbecue meatballs and pork belly served with rice vermicelli and light fish sauce, is a favourite and best-seller at 3 Spoons. Hanoi’s bun cha received well-deserved praise from President Obama after he savoured the classic with late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain.

A combination of Japanese seafood and Korean innovation brings a stunning new experience: 3Spoons stacks nine layers of fresh seafood including oysters, scallops and crabs on top of a pot filled with spicy soup. The liquid essence of the steamed seafood falls gradually into the soup, creating a session of indulgence that awaits guests who endeavour to finish all the layers. For the many who prefer seafood raw, 3 Spoons offers a sensational yellowfin tuna discovery plate where guests can sample Oh-toro, fatty tuna belly, for a melt in the mouth burst of oceanic goodness.

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Guests with a perpetual sweet tooth are not forgotten. 3 Spoons’pastry chef Serhat Mizrakli hails from Turkey and is proud to present his daily selection of cakes, tarts and pastries which are best enjoyed when accompanied with 3 Spoon’s selection of ice creams and sorbets.

3 Spoons offers a daily buffet breakfast with an extensive spread of global cuisine, an all-day a la carte menu, as well as a popular business set lunch menu that runs between monday and friday.


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