Joma Bakery Cafe

Established in 2009 Joma offers a slice of North American cafe culture in Hanoi. The coffee bar is passionate about serving heavenly coffee and fresh, high-quality food. Joma's coffee is organic, fair trade and roasted in Laos by a community cooperative of coffee farmers. Try the fresh passion fruit juice, also sourced from neighbouring Laos. If you want to escape from Hanoi's downtown hustle, Joma is your sheltered haven.

Next time you're on Ly Quoc in Hanoi's Hoan Kiem District, make sure to stop by Joma Bakery Cafe for the freshest coffee, juices, ice cream and more. Located near St. Joseph's Cathedral, Joma's mandate is to serve only the finest, freshest drinks and snacks. Committed to the local community, Joma donates 2% of every sale to charitable foundations in and around Hanoi. In addition, all coffee served at Joma is sourced from the Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos where the Jhai Coffee Farmers Cooperative (JCFC) works with farming families to produce top quality Arabica coffee beans.


Tan My Design Café

Located inside Hanoi's Tan My Design store, Tan My Design Cafe features real espresso coffee and delicious snacks to be enjoyed while admiring artwork by Hanoi's most famous artists. As a bonus, this artwork is available for sale at the cafe. Tan My Design Cafe is a meeting place for friends, shoppers and travellers who seek more knowledge about Hanoi's creative scene. Shop, eat, browse the art collections or just relax.

Located on Hanoi's Hang Gai _ Silk Street _ Tan My Design Cafe is the perfect venue to go when you want to revel in authentic espresso, delicious snacks and an artistic atmosphere. The coffee shop features free wireless Internet, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Takeaway and catered service is available. Open daily from 8am until 8pm. While you're in the building take a look at the clothing, jewellery and accessories on offer at Tan My Design next door, one of Hanoi's most creative endeavours.


Paris Deli

Located near the Opera House, Paris Deli is a slice of The City of Light in the heart of the capital. The bistro serves an extensive array of salads, sandwiches and lunch fare. Whether you take in a live music performance at the cafe or celebrate your next birthday in its atmosphere of chic ambience, Paris Deli in central Hanoi will welcome you.

With comfortable seating for 100, Paris Deli is open daily from 8:00am to 11:00pm. Situated on Phan Chu Trinh, this cafe/eatery makes for an amiable pit stop in between exploring Hanoi Opera House and St. Joseph's Cathedral. Enjoy a perfect cup of coffee or fruit smoothie, and don't forget about the pastries! Takeaway is also available.



This is the first chain in Hanoi to focus on serving delicious waffles.

Crisp outside, soft inside, these waffles pair great with gelato and other toppings.

Be sure to try their customer-favourite pizza waffle.


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