Summit Lounge

Renowned for having one of the best views in Hanoi, Summit Lounge's spectacular panoramas of the city skyline dazzle. Enjoy an evening cocktail and the sunset over West Lake. Summit Lounge, on the 20th floor of the Sofitel Plaza Hotel mixes open air elegance with modern sophistication. Sample from their complete cocktail list, indulge in a glass of wine or order a simple glass of beer. No matter your selection, the incomparable ambience surrounding you provides a new peak in refined relaxation in Hanoi.

Summit Lounge welcomes families with children until 9:00 pm then the venue becomes a trendy nightspot for adult only until late.


Q Bar

Peak Experience: Sa Pa-inspired molecular cocktails amidst Hanoi’s grandest view.

Boasting a vantage-point 62 storeys above the hustle of Hanoi, Q Bar delivers the kind of breathtaking perspective that can change how you think about any city.

Located well into the ascent of the iconic Landmark72, once you’ve appreciated your lack of physical (and metaphorical) proximity to the street below, drinking any one of their ‘Classic Molecular’ or ‘Signature’ smoky cocktails - handcrafted by renowned French mixologist, Fabien Marcault - will quickly have you understanding why Q Bar maintains a strong claim on being the perfect place to immerse yourself in a unique part of Hanoi nightlife.

Q Bar HN

Inspired Drinks

Far from being a one-trick pony with a height advantage, Q Bar’s signature drinks list is heavily inspired by the foggy mountain resort town of Sa Pa. This is where in the dramatic northern highlands of Vietnam, ethnic minority hill tribes still live as they have done for centuries. Do not let this fool you. The heightened experience that is Q Bar’s premium venue is a thoroughly modern one, with even the stylish curves of the bar’s luxurious interior emulating the look of Sa Pa’s famous paddy fields. It’s an ambience you won’t mistake.

Q Bar HN

Among the must-tries for first timers are the ‘The Smoky’, a visceral treat of blended whiskey, Black Tea Syrup, Lemon, Ginger and Rhubarb Bitter that acts to replicate the nightly fog that descends on the mountain capital’s winding switchbacks and dimly-lit corridors. Also worth considering are the ‘1 Night in Sapa’, made from the whiskey of your choice, Tabasco Syrup, Red Vermouth, Cranberry Juice and Old Fashioned Bitter, and if Dark Rum is more your thing, you can also try the Lao Cai Summer.

Q Bar HN

With a regular international clientele to impress, Q Bar doesn’t neglect the classics either, infusing Marcault’s ‘Molecular Gastronomy’ into their versions of the Negroni, a Gin Martini and the house favourite Bellini, another ‘smoker’ not to be missed in the lineup.



Mad Botanist - The Gin Specialist

The first speakeasy gin bar in Hanoi, Mad Botanist – The Gin Specialist opened in May 2017, and since then, it has become a popular spot where gin lovers can enjoy more than 100 species of the botanical liquor from all over the world.

mad botanist

It might be a little hard to spot Mad Botanist at first, as it is located on the third and fourth floors above the V-Presso coffee shop at 45 Ly Quoc Su, one of the busiest streets in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Walk into the café and up the staircase at the back to find the bar hidden like a treasure.

This somewhat concealed location is a throwback to the prohibition era of 1920s and 1930s, when selling and producing alcohol were considered illegal in the US. At that time, one had to get a drink at an illicit establishment that sold alcoholic beverages called a speakeasy.

Nowadays, a “speakeasy” is simply a retro style bar, which perfectly describes the Mad Botanist. Mad Botanist marries the classic, elegant interior design of art deco popular in the 1920s with the historical speakeasy style, which features wooden floors and walls alongside brass light fixtures.

mad botanist

This setting brings about a vintage vibe to the venue that will make you enjoy simply being in it. The venue is complete with a private perch. From bar’s rooftop terrace, you can get a spectacular view of the nearby St. Joseph’s Cathedral at night, the oldest church in Hanoi and one of the first architectural structures built by Vietnam’s colonizers in the former French Indochina.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to be there without a perfectly crafted drink in your hand. Let Mad Botanist’s experienced bartender, Nguyen Cong, take care of what’s in your glass tailoring to your preference, be it a gin and tonic or a signature cocktail.

mad botanist

While you’re waiting for the drink, don’t skip the small talk with Cong, who is also a great conversationalist.

The expansive drink menu has over 100 amazing varieties of gin and tonic, with gins listed by country of origin. You’ll feel like you just stepped into a gin heaven, especially if you are a gin enthusiast.

Experience a peculiar take on a classic cocktail: Hendrick’s Gin combined with Thomas Henry tonic. They become one single flavour in the unique mixture. Then there is Mad Botanist’s very own signature gin and tonic, carefully created from Tanqueray No. Ten gin, house-made tonic water and lemon.

Don’t forget to try other creative gin-based cocktails as well, such as the Bacalao, a sweet mixture of muffin tea-infused gin, Luxador maraschino cherries, Roselle cordial and lime juice.

Another top selling drink is the Gift of Sparrow, inspired by the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The drink is delicately mixed with The Kraken spiced rum, Sandeman oloroso sherry, and coffee vermouth. Let your imagination take flight when enjoying this drink and cherish it as if it was a gift Captain Sparrow brought to you as a trophy after the final battle.

mad botanist

Even if your drink of choice is not gin, you can still find other great cocktails such as the Mad Spicy, a chamomile sour or a coconut martini as well as a wide selection of wines and beer, including Barett craft beer, Sapporo, Corona, Stella, Leffe, Hoegaarden and Rekorderlig.

Come between 5.30 and 8.00 p.m. to enjoy happy hour. On Friday and Saturday nights, there are also live performances and occasionally a DJ. The bar is open until midnight similar to other nightlife venues around the Old Quarter.

With a central location and a mixed clientele of young, dynamic travelers, expats and local people, Mad Botanist is not just a place to indulge in the evening of good tipple with your friends, but also a great place to meet and mingle with new friends from around the world.

Be sure to check out Mad Botanist’s sibling, MAD Society, a whisky bar and fusion restaurant on the fourth floor of Somerset West Point hotel in Tay Ho District.

Local Insight

The rooftop is perfect for summer nights, while in winter, the warmth of the indoor bar is more welcoming.


Sunset Bar

Situated within InterContinental Hanoi Westlake and built on an artificial island, Sunset Bar offers a great view of _ guess what! _ the sun as it sets over West Lake. Unwind with a tranquil cocktail as you sink into a plush daybed on the bar's wood deck. Enjoy the breeze and the feeling of being somewhere far removed from the excitement of downtown. A relaxing and romantic evening away from Hanoi's central hustle and bustle makes your five-star bill worthwhile.

Want to escape the noise and drama of central Hanoi? Consider an evening at Sunset Bar in InterContinental Hanoi Westlake. Constructed upon its own island, Sunset Bar is one of the premier venues in the capital city to enjoy a nightcap or sundowner. Accessible by foot over a torch-lit bridge, Sunset Bar features a wood deck outfitted with woven rattan couches and daybeds topped with triangular pillows, just the things you need to relax into a starry northern Vietnam night.



Located at the intersection of two busy streets in the West Lake area, Xuan Dieu and Quang An, is a hidden nightlife treasure, known for its unique music and atmosphere. You can have a fulfilling evening starting with dinner in any of the nearby restaurants and then head over to enjoy your night at 112 Xuan Dieu – Savage.

Just walk a few steps from the street and you will enter a different world of its own: the bar area with impressive lightings, and the lounge area that provides enough space for large groups of friends as well as a private cozy atmosphere for couples. Right next to the bar is the entrance to Savage Club, the more well-known sibling of Savage Lounge, both in the same premise.

Savage lounge

Despite its name, Savage is one of the most elegantly designed nightlife venues in Hanoi. Sure, the decor has a 20th century retro feel to it: the underground establishment has metal furniture to remind you of Hanoi’s wartime years. But the pictures on the walls and the center lounge area with a glass roof looking out to the night sky tell you that the owners have an appreciation for the arts – something that is rare to find in crowded corners, but also characteristic of Hanoi.

Seriously good, funky music, from techno to disco to house, sets Savage apart from the crowd of electronic dance music bars and clubs around Hanoi. The relaxed and sophisticated ambience makes it the perfect hideaway for night owls that have a taste for drinks.


Savage Lounge offers a cracking list of signature cocktails, mixed together with classic cocktails and mocktails. The best selling cocktail is the Hot Feeling – a true tropical drink that infuses freshly squeezed lime with vodka, and finished with red Thai chili juice. Jungle Nectar is another recommendation from the staff.

But what makes people come back here is the top-notch, professional service. The well-trained and friendly bartenders know what you want and never rush when making drinks, no matter how busy the bar is. The quality of service here is definitely worth the visit.

Savage lougne

There are monthly promotions and events for champagne lovers and cocktail aficionados: check out Thursday Bubble once every month (2 for 1 Champagne Bollinger bottles, Grey Goose bottles and cocktails); Girl Gang (a proper girls’ night out with old-school music and discounts for ladies all night); and Nap (live ambient music night featuring talented local artists).

Savage Lounge has a capacity of around 150 people, and opens at 6 p.m. from Tuesday to Sunday. The Lounge is also used for exhibitions and photoshoots. The team is led by Fabien Marcault, who loves his bar and drinks.

We are excited to hear that they plan to open the rooftop of the Lounge for a new restaurant around April or May, with an 80-seat capacity. The fully covered rooftop restaurant will feature an amazing view over Tu Lien Lake and the pagoda of the same name.

With the restaurant opening at 3 p.m. every day, Savage Lounge will be able to showcase different moods – restaurant by day and bar by night. Of course, it’ll always be a little savage.


Little needs to be said about Savage Club, which opens on Friday and Saturday nights and attracts a crowd of some 400 people per night, both local and expats.

Founded and managed by Ouissam, the well-known DJ and founder of Cliché Records Hong Kong, Savage Club is proud to have hosted the London-based band Boiler Room for the first time in Southeast Asia.

Savage lounge

The narrow entrance from Savage Lounge leads to a secluded space with darker lighting, creating a more mysterious and thrilling atmosphere. The Funktion-One sound system provides a crystal clear sound experience, and a lineup of selected international DJs brings you fresh music every weekend.



Bar Déjà Vu

Those looking for a drink with a view should visit this stylish and modern bar. It also has the reputation of going the extra mile to ensure a more personalised service.


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